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Amp Surf – Inspiring Surfers with Disabilities at the WSA Competition

Have you ever tried to get up on a surfboard? It’s not easy. Check out these inspiring people competing in the WSA event at Dana Point.

Amp Surf is a Non-Profit organization made up of amputees, veterans, and friends & family of the disabled.

The 2 people we interview today are not only surfing, but their competing and winning surf competitions! Stop being Clucked, grab your short board, move away from those mushy ankle busters, and lets get amped in the barrel…..don’t understand? Well, look it up! Ha. Board safe and board smart. See you out there.

Have you ever been to a Surf Competition? Share your experience below in the comments.

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  • I was the orginal founder and asked Dana on board in 2003, I am a former US surfing champion and organized the first clinic for wounded soldiers in 2006. contact me with questions @ [email protected] I was a surfer long before becoming a amputee in 1990


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