Blazing Hot Bora Bora

Blazing Hot Bora Bora

There is one thing that is undeniably true about Bora Bora (and most of French Polynesia) and that is the views are breathtaking.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the views alone are worth the trip. I would even go so far as to argue that the absolute best view, is from the water. The $2000 a night overwater bungalow looks dreamy, but I wouldn’t trade places.

Ok, maybe I would if someone else was paying. A bathtub, air conditioning, housekeeping and room service on a Polynesian wood platter…yes, that does sound dreamy!

Looking out at the graduating shades of blue, lush tropical foliage and volcanic rock formations my imagination goes wild. From out here, this is the land before time. But, gazing and day dreaming can only satisfy a person for so long.

sailing bora bora

After a trip into town and a stop at the visitor’s center, I was armed with a map and a plan to explore Bora Bora.

Like any best laid plan, nothing ever goes as planned. You ready for a walkabout?

You win some (hello Polynesian sized beer) and find no trespassing signs other times. But, it’s all good times.

nikki drinking a Polynesian sized beer

Don’t worry, we split the beer. I don’t think I could have walked out of the place if I drank it all on my own. But fair warning, when in French Polynesia and they ask what size of beer you want. Ask if the sizes are in French or Polynesian!

majestic banian vs baby banian

Just so we don’t sound like a whiney bunch of jaded travelers who can’t appreciate a lovely tree, here is a side by side reference. The tree on the left is in Nuku Hiva where there was a majestic banian tree. On the right is the “majestic banian” marked as one of the sights to see in Bora Bora. In the video, we flashed back to the neighboring island of Huahine, where there was also a majestic banian tree. So…we’ve learned that when a Polynesian tells us there is going to be a majestic banian tree, it’s going to be impressive! Except for this one time in Bora Bora. 😉

But, no matter where you are in French Polynesia, the water and fish are always a win!

fish of bora bora
nikki wynn snorkling bora bora
we found nemo in bora bora

It has been fascinating to experience the differences from island to island as we make our way through French Polynesia. Especially here in the Society Islands.

Tahiti is the big island, the city, the hub. Everything starts and ends here. All ferries, all flights.

Moorea, despite being only 12 miles away from Tahiti, has a quiet, community-oriented feel. Great for the casual traveler.

Huahine is known as the local’s island and we agree. Every trip to land included meeting a new, friendly, Polynesian face.

Now, we’re taking in Bora Bora. We had been warned Bora Bora was all about the resorts (known as honeymooners island) and not as good for the non-resort traveler. The vibe is distinctly high which shouldn’t be surprising considering the average cost for a week-long holiday in Bora Bora starts at around $11,000 for two. Gulp!

But, we’re just getting started! Fancy resorts aside, Bora Bora has a unique history. During World War II America had a military base here. Which certainly changed the landscape…but more on that another day.


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sailing map of bora bora

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

  • Anchorage: East of Toopua Iti
  • Date: December 2018