This Is The Place: Lake Havasu, Arizona

This Is The Place: Lake Havasu, Arizona

This is the place for an amazing sunset (and about a million other incredible things)!  If you want to see what a sunset might have been like back in the cave man days, this is the place!  No smog and no light pollution make this location unbelievable. Watching a storm roll in is like watching live art on grand scale.  An ugly storm makes for some beautiful effects.  I can see why they say they live in paradise here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

A beautiful sunset is not all that this city offers. With the London bridge closing the gap on the island and the mainland of this community, a sunset tour is just the beginning. One would think that with a city that is just now coming up on its 40th anniversary, there wouldn’t be much history or even much of a story behind a city. That is far from the case. This city was one mans vision and one mans pocket-book. It is beyond fascinating to take a walking tour with the infamous Barron (Jan Kassies) who will set the story for you with more enthusiasm than you would expect.

Once you have an appreciation of how the city was started, it’s time to start exploring it. A boat tour, speed boat or a pontoon is a great way to start. The best views of the city are definitely from the water. For a cool down, head into town for some ice cream from the retro Scoops or just grab an ice tea and explore the shops of main street. The brand new trolley is a great way to get around the city and also a good reason to stop by the local brewery for some local flavor.

We decided to go for the late night adventures while on our short tour of the city. This town parties on the water and under the water. Joel Silverstein and Captain Kathy Weydig of Scuba Training and Technology Inc. loves to take first time night divers out. To commemorate our first night dive, Capt. Kathy likes to have her tradition of drinking champagne out of your mask. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste fishy.

We had a great time in Lake Havasu City and can’t wait to go for a visit during the winter, when the weather is perfect and the sun is always shinning.