A Campground That Really Gets You In The Mood

A Campground That Really Gets You In The Mood

In our years of travel and campground stays we’ve never experienced a place quite like this.

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs is in the middle of absolutely nowhere… Burns, Oregon. It’s not fancy, yet it’s beautiful and incredibly peaceful (even with the yipping of the coyotes around 6pm).  There’s a swimming pool size hot spring (clothing not optional) and it’s very affordable.  It pretty much sums up the kind of campgrounds we wish we could find a whole lot more of around the country (if you know of them, please let us know in the comments below).

The sunsets dazzle us in one direction and the moon seduces us in another.

Feeling meditative and romantic all at the same time, we found ourselves lost in thought, deep in conversation and overall a little gushier than normal.  This is definitely a campground that will get you in the mood (bow chicka wow wow)!

We soaked ourselves until we resembled raisins and still didn’t want to leave our steamy pool of mineral rich waters.  But can you blame us?

campground in oregonhot springs in oregon

If you find yourself out in the more remote parts of Oregon (John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is out that way and well worth exploring) and want to experience this little slice of heaven for yourself…here are a few details.

crystal crane hot springs


  • There’s everything from cabins to tent camping and your furry four legged friends are welcome too.
  • You’ll want to stay at least two nights.  We started off by just booking one night and quickly went in and paid for another.
  • There isn’t a dump station and if you need full hookup, it’s a two night minimum.
  • You can see the rates here for yourself (and you gotta love the dry erase board):


There is good WiFi but it’s only in the office and not broadcast throughout the park. If you don’t need full hook ups but need WiFi, stay in site A.  We were able to pick up the WiFi no problem in the RV (if you have a WiFi booster the full hookup sites will probably be fine for internet, but we stayed here before we had a good WiFi setup so we can’t say for sure).

campground office

The Springs

For anything else you want to know, like what makes the water so special, how to get out here, etc you can learn more about it on their site: cranehotsprings.com

Have you been here or found a gem like this?  If so, tell us all about it in the comments below, we all want to know the scoop!