Crazy Camping in Lake George NY

Crazy Camping in Lake George NY

This week we are camping in Lake George, NY.  We’ve been hanging around the campground filming and joining in on events.  I know that it doesn’t sound like much but this campground is crazy!  The schedule goes from morning till night.  Don’t believe me…check out the video:

If you couldn’t tell, it is Fiesta Week at Lake George Escape.  Being from Texas and loving our trips to Mexico, it’s the perfect theme week for us!

We noticed these guys and couldn’t stop laughing.  We call this a bike-n-poop!

The town of Lake George is set on a beautiful lake surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains (they call them mountains in NY but they are really hills) and is geared towards families and tourists.  The Adirondacks and the lake are beautiful but the town, well, is a bit touristy.  What does this mean?  Crappy food, a selection of overpriced stores carrying junk made in China and it makes it extra tricky to find out where the locals hang…aka..the soul to the town.  We swung into the visitor’s center for some advice and that was pointless.   The choices for food: 30 Italian offerings (mostly pizza), 1 Chinese, and 1 Mexican.  Coming from Texas we thought, how can you mess up Mexican?  Just put some cheese and spicy veggies in a tortilla and we’re set.  Ooops, bad call.  So, we cut our losses and went to the grocery store to fill our fridge.

On the upside, the city has free live music most days, a sandy beach that is perfect for people watching….and free fireworks every Thursday! So, not so bad after all.

We met a cool pedal cab guy (Cory) who’s studying film in Savannah, GA.  He talked us into trying out the local brewery for dinner.  The brews were decent, and the crab cakes we’re tasty.  Yeah, finally a good meal in this town!  With our belly’s full we headed off to the fireworks and there must have been at least a couple hundred people gathered to watch.

Back at camp we’ve been busy!  Pedal Carts, Tubing, Helicopter rides, Pizza and Beer at the café, wagon rides……I know it’s a tough life!  Spending time at this campground has really made us remember why families love camping.  This place is rockin’ 7 days a week with activities.  If you have kids and you need a vacation, taking the RV to one of these ‘Super Resorts’ seems like a no brainer.

I could float down the river almost as fast as Jason’s electric boat!

Two of my favorite things about our campground:  Local and ORGANIC produce at the camp store and FREE Smores!

A couple of Jason’s favorites from our campground: The bar and espresso machine (yes, he even brought his own cup)!

If you want to stick around the area for a while or catch the famous horse races at Saratoga Springs make sure you look into their sister property called Alpine Lake. It’s a little more quiet than Lake George, but a great spot for hanging out in the trees or on the lake to escape.

Disclaimer: While we were compensated to film the campground (thanks Thousand Trails!)…all of our experiences and opinions are NOT purchased and are still our own.