Hitting the road in style, RVing is your ride anywhere, anytime with no flight reservations or hotels to be booked. With obscure destinations and wicked events we’re modernizing the RV lifestyle. Move over grandpa, the mod RVers are coming your way.

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battery powered ac on a sailboat

Air Conditioning on A Sailboat? Yes, and It’s Battery Powered too!

March 15, 2018 68

Air Conditioning on a sailboat is a luxury. Especially when we’re at anchor and running everything off solar and battery power. …

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our story and life of travel

Our Story and Life of Travel – Q&A From College Students

April 11, 2017 19

Not long ago we started getting the sweetest tweets with #sayYES from Grand Valley State University students in Michigan. Apparently, we…

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Sailing life Q&A

Q&A – Zombie Apocalypse, Gulf Stream & Traveling Cats

December 8, 2016 41

We’re continuing with our Q&A session where we asked our crew over at Patreon what they wanted to know.  It’s super…

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family of sailors

The Black Hole & Nomad Friendly Gifts

November 24, 2016 28

It’s Thanksgiving today for us and our fellow Americans (happy Thanksgiving). This is the first holiday season we’ve spent outside of…

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best action camera

A Quest For The Best Underwater Action Camera

November 17, 2016 49

Tiny action cameras are a dime a dozen these days. Some cost as little as 50 bucks and others are approaching…

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sailboat solar testing

Sailboat Solar – Series vs Parallel & Shading

July 5, 2016 112

We’re trying to decide on the right solar set up for our new-to-us catamaran. We’ve been told our sailboat solar install…

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moving onto a sailboat

Overloaded Sailboat & The Anti RV Treaty

June 5, 2016 76

“We can’t keep the RV here” Jason said to me as he flew through the door. “You have got to be…

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how to monitor RV battery

How to Monitor Batteries – RV, Sailboat & Tiny Houses too

May 30, 2016 37

I’m going to be honest, you don’t need a Battery Monitoring Kit, but you will want one.  Your battery is like…

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installing rv technology

Virtual RV Yard Sale – Our Technology & Lifestyle Gear

May 17, 2016 266

The original plan went something like this: Go to the Harbor Towne marina, dock the boat and park the RV for…

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sailboat life

How We Make Money and Travel – Gone With The Wynn’s

May 11, 2016 317

We are living the dream…life on our own terms. Making a living with no fixed office and the freedom to live and…