10 Year Battle Over A Dishwasher

Dishwashers save time, water, and energy.  But do they? I say those claims are based on the average household and not these resource-conscious sailors.

10 Year Battle Over A Dishwasher

To have or not have that is the question.

Dishwashers save time, water, and energy. But do they? Jason will tell you the claims the dishwasher companies make are true and then some. But me, nah! I say those claims are based on the average American household and not these resource-conscious sailors.

And now we’re in the middle of building our new HH44 catamaran and the dishwasher debate is heating up again.

The problem is, we both make good arguments for and against the dishwasher. But it’s all based on hypotheticals. Because we’ve never actually had a dishwasher on an RV, Van, boat, or any tiny home. We don’t have any real-world experience to base our arguments on. Until now!

We’re living aboard our friend’s 47ft NEEL Trimaran as we sail it from Charleston to Miami. And they have a dishwasher that has finally given us the opportunity for a showdown. Sailor VS Dishwasher.

This isn’t a video we ever thought we would make and as for the results…well, we’re turning to you for help. Give it a watch and then pick your Wynn.

The dishwasher on this boat is a Bosch unit from Europe (because that’s where the boat was built), and a quick search on Freestanding Dishwashers on Amazon brings up some very interesting options. But are we willing to give up our precious cabinet storage space for a dishwasher? That is the biggest question we still have plaguing us. Until we move in, I just don’t think we can answer that.

Which is why we’re interested in your feedback. Do you have a dishwasher in your tiny home? Would you recommend it? Let us know.

S/V Supernova

Supernova is a NEEL 47 Trimaran. You can see a full tour of her here: gonewiththewynns.com/sailing-trimaran-full-tour and if you want to continue to follow her journey with Katy and Craig, you can find them here: instagram.com/sailing.supernova/




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