How to Avoid Being Alone on Holidays

How to Avoid Being Alone on Holidays

There is no reason to be without family and friends during holidays just because you’re a nomad.  The key is simple.

Be somewhere awesome!

Everyone wants a vacation and especially during a Holiday weekend.  And let’s face it, the typical sitting around and eating all day is fine but, we all crave a little adventure every once in a while.  If you tempt them, they will come.

We are in sunny California camping at Soledad Canyon and we managed to talk the grandparents into flying in from Arkansas, one sibling and the the boyfriend from Austin, mom from Dallas and The Aunts family from Bakersfield.  Meet the family.


Here is how we lured in Jason’s family for Easter weekend.

1.  Keep it cheap and offer to do the work… it’s going to be beautiful weather and it’s camping so there is plenty to do and we will rent a cabin for Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s way cheaper than a cruise plus, I will cook and take a family photo for everyone.

meet our family

2.  Be a good story teller…Just think, all of us hanging around the picnic tables, playing games and toasting marshmallows in the fire… its memories we’ll remember forever!

volleyballmarshmallow roast

3.  Play both sides…For the ones that want to sleep in, they can, the cabins are nice and quiet.  For the adventurous ones, we can strap on our hiking shoes and head up the mountain while the sleepy heads are snoozing.

hike upa rest at the topto the top

4.  Always have a plan B….if we don’t feel like eating in, Santa Clarita is just a short drive and there is always L.A. if we want to check out the city!  We could even spend a whole day on the beach!  We’ll even get Grandpa David in on the action!  Just watch out for that killer serve!

santa monicagrandma rita chillinjason's spikethe cool grandpakiller serve

5.  Once they show up, deliver on your promises.  If you don’t show them a good time, they won’t come back.  If they don’t show up…try again and until then, maybe read Benjamin’s tips on how to enjoy your solo holiday.

crazy funfamily dinner

We’re lucky to have supportive families who are willing to roll along with our ever changing lives.  As much as we would like to think we are special, I have a feeling if you are somewhere awesome, you won’t have to spend your next holiday alone at the Chinese buffet.