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Our Explosive Thanksgiving

Who knew spending Thanksgiving with strangers could be such a dynamic experience!

Zombie apocalypse group

Sure being away from family on holidays is always a little sad…or at least it is for us (I know some would do anything to get away from the in-laws).  The key to having a successful out of town Holiday is all about finding someone to spend it with.  Maybe it’s friends or as in our case, the couple we met at the College Bar last week.  We never turn down an invitation to a party!

pirate john

Pirate John and his lovely lady Cindy invited us to join in on their pre-stuff-your-face Thanksgiving shoot out…or as I call it, “Our Explosive Thanksgiving”.

Pirate John

These guys are fully prepared for any occasion and yes, there were discussions of what protocol would be for the Zombie apocalypse.  What, you didn’t know it was coming?

lots o' guns

zombie gun

With the added surprise of exploding targets, it didn’t take much to get everyone giddy, whopping and hollering like teenage girls at bonfire.

the joy of hitting a target

We were told everything was legal…but the massive force that comes after you pull the trigger on this seemed…well…like I was headed to war and the enemies were all the size of Goliath!

animated gif maker

Nothing would survive the blow; the tricky part would be actually shooting straight enough to hit your target!

the big gun

Now, as if all of this wasn’t enough, a little gun powder and a miniature cannon will get everyone’s attention!  Now I am starting to understand how the name “Pirate John” came about.

small canon

We did end the day with a giant feast and enough mashed potatoes to feed not only our army but the surrounding battalions!

animated gif maker

However, our Thanksgiving didn’t end on Thanksgiving…

A big shout out to our scuba friends Joel and Captain Kathy for sharing not only their friends but their fabulous Post-Thanksgiving vegetarian friendly feast!

joel and captain kathy

Have you ever experienced such an explosive holiday, or maybe you have your own wild traditions? Please share in the comments below.

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  • Cass

    Looks like fun! Wish I had been there! Hopefully next time! Happy Holidays!

  • Ibrey Woodall

    Kudos to you guys for being open minded so that you get to enjoy new adventures. A life full of adventure is indeed grand.

  • Nice effects on the pics!

    Looks like a Thanksgiving to remember! 🙂

  • Lana

    Looks like a blast!!! We missed you though. Glad to see you were with good people. Love you both!

  • Sweet!

  • You two are from Texas–this should be second nature. looks like you had fun.

  • Denise

    And what kind of ammo does one need for the zombie apocalypse? Uh Just sayin?

  • Mary. Van

    Pretty crazy stuff! A little more action than our traditional Thanksgiving Day! Well, there was a lot of dynamics going on! Ha!! You know … You were missed

    • We love you too mom, and missed being with family on thanksgiving. I’ll see if Pirate John will pull out a couple of the big guns when you guys come to Lake Havasu City!

  • Katie

    Sounds like you guys had a fun Thanksgiving.

  • Gary

    Wow, that’s just awesome!!!

  • Hank

    I saw no turkey in the photo’s. With armament like that, their’s probably only enough left to make sausage.

  • Jason

    Little Annie Oakley with that lever action rifle!

  • Pam

    I love your adventures. You are like Charles Kuralt used to be. But more fun.

  • Ken Washington

    Let’s all be thankful that we live in a country that allows us to own weapons.

    • Ken, there were a couple Canadians shooting with us….they were excited to shoot, but they felt a little naughty at the same time.

  • I bet your ears were ringing!!! Glad you had a good day!!!

    • ear plugs are a must, but that 50 caliber sent a shockwave that you could feel 100 feet away! CRAZY.

  • Lisa

    Holy crap!!!!! I hope nobody shot their eye out. No wait ….. that’s the next Holiday…. My bad!!!!!!!

    • ha ha….yes Lisa we are planning to stay clear away from guns around Christmas…..just in case. On a side note we visited that house in Wisconsin, it’s in a super weird neighborhood.

  • Hunter

    Now that is a Thanksgiving!

  • Carol

    No turkey? Just kidding. I’m all for it.


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