Costa Brava: Castles, Double Rainbows and Dali

Costa Brava: Castles, Double Rainbows and Dali

We decided to take an overseas holiday to Spain.  The Costa Brava region to be exact.  It was our first time here and the best way I can think to describe it is a quote from Salvador Dali.

There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.

If I were a surrealist painter surrounded by the beauty of Costa Brava, I would say the same.  We rented a car and made our way all along the coast, stopping at whatever caught our eye along the way.

While we may not be painters we are photographers and the storms, landscapes, architecture and clear blue green waters were more than enough to cause an overdose of satisfaction.

sunsetdali hometown

This is Dali’s home town of Cadaqués.

A dali day

If you don’t know who Salvador Dali is, you may want to use the Google machine to look him up after this.  He grew up in Costa Brava and lots of his work is of the area.  There is something uniquely interesting and satisfying about seeing the landscapes that hang on museum walls around the world, especially when some of them still look very much the same.  Dali was a strange character (the kind we like best) and said,

I don’t do drugs, I am drugs.

With scenery like this, who needs drugs!

spanish people
kayak shack
spanish water
castle town
ruins of girona
batchie ball

Everything was green, lush and lovely.  Even the smallest villages had the most beautiful castlesque churches.

old fortspanish churchcastle look out

Believe it or not, we had this old castle all to ourselves for hours before anyone else showed up.  It was a rainy day and while everyone else stayed inside siping on Cava and Espresso, we were treated to the most beautiful double rainbow and sunset we have ever seen!

double rainbow

We dotted our way along the coast from quaint villages like Torroella De Montgri to Aiguablava and  even made our way to the Parque Natural Cap de Creus (the national park).

The only thing we need more of was time!  There is still so much we didn’t get to see and places we didn’t make it to like the Gran Canaria (a supposed must see).  Until then, we will just have to reminisce as we will keep rollin’ down the old American highways.