Fresh Fruit & Free Camping at The Bush n Vine

Fresh Fruit & Free Camping at The Bush n Vine

Fresh foods just taste better.  I have never gone to a grocery store and picked up any sort of produce that tasted anything like it does strait off the farm.

I grew up in a small (population 1,121) farming community in West Texas and if you didn’t have something edible growing in your yard, you were the odd man out.

Some of my fondest memories as a child are sitting out in the dirt, eating those warm sun-ripened fruits and vegetables right from the vine, tree or bush.  Can you imagine an 8 year old today snapping off raw black eyed peas and eating them like candy?! I even remember destroying ants one by one so they didn’t get to my strawberries before I did (granted this was long before the days of internet at home, cell phones and candy crush).

While I don’t enjoy raw peas as much now as I did then, my love for picking my own fruits and vegetables is still just as strong!

So, you can imagine how excited I get each time we come across a Harvest Hosts farm stay.

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This spring we visited a lot of farms and wineries throughout North and South Carolina.  But when we arrived at the Bush n Vine, I was especially disappointed…because we were there too flippin early!

As we strolled along the farms self guided walking tour we were greeted with lovely pink blossoms, tiny green sprigs just sprouting from the ground and rows of ripening strawberries and bouquets of lettuce.

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Luckily there were buckets of those plump red strawberries for the taking and a few varieties of lettuce, so we didn’t have to drive away empty handed.

The Bush n Vine is part of Harvest Hosts so we camped here free for two nights and because it was early in the season it was extremely quiet.  I would imagine the summer time would be a lot busier and they might not allow you to stay more than one night.  For more information on how you can stay at a farm for free, read our Harvest Hosts article.  And if you join, use the coupon code: HHWYNNS and get a 10% discount!

People always look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I enjoy the Harvest Hosts farms almost more than I do the wineries. Call me crazy, but I do have a love affair with food and yes, even where it comes from.

What do you look forward to on your travels?  Tell us your favorite stops and stays in the comments below.