Chapel of the Transfiguration…Grand Teton National Park

A visit to Grand Teton National Park can be an overwhelming experience.  With it’s rugged hikes and abundant wildlife it’s hard to peel yourself away to explore the other aspects of the park.

However, don’t leave the park without making a stop at the Chapel of the Transfiguration.

At first glance, this 1925 chapel looks like any other small quaint log structure. It’s not until the crowds have all gone and only the sound of the wind is left, that you really start to see the history here. Take time to reflect as you sit on one of the old wooden pews, notice the detail, watch the light through the stained glass windows and listen to the buzz of the flies. Imagine the weddings, funerals and pleading prayers that been witnessed in same seat you occupy. You may leave with your mind in a different form than when you arrived.

Let the adventure begin…


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  • Brian

    Wasn’t that Church in the movie “Spencers Mountain” with Henry Fonda ?? Great Movie………I believe the TV series “The Waltons” was somewhat based on the movie……personally I think the movie was much better then the series.

  • A long-time favorite (first visit was in 1963). Video is very well done.

    I’m linking to some of your posts on my Destinations page on my Haw Creek site. I’m hoping that visitors will use the page to find interesting places to see and visit.

  • Terry

    Thanks for the post as we’re planning on visiting Grand Tetons on our way to Maryland.

  • the williams

    Thank you for posting this! We are passing through next weekend and would likely have missed this historic treasure. We will take time to reflect and look at the details while we may have just blown through.

  • Katie

    Grand Teton National Park is one of the places me and my family have been to. The Chapel of the Transfiguration is a special place. We love the view from the window, also. There is, also, a couple of old barns and one of them was in the movie Shane.

  • Hunter

    Man…that was an awesome capture of an incredible place!

  • paul van

    Reminds me of the chapel in “Kill Bill”. Good place to meditate.

  • Julie Bach

    Creepy but I love it!

  • mary van

    Beautiful! The golden trees are beautiful. Were the woods filled with color? Neat video, I enjoyed it.

  • jacob

    The scenery is beautiful! I bet that was quite the eerie experience in such an old place.

    • It was a tiny bit eerie but more than anything it was a great place to sit and think. The view from the window really is amazing.


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