Launching Our Catamaran For The First Time

Splash day is always exciting.  It doesn’t matter if it’s simply splashing a boat after light maintenance work or a full-blown intensive refit.  There’s always some risk and a little anxiety about all the ways it could go wrong.

And today is our soft launch day.  A.K.A, our new catamaran CURIOSITY is going in the water for the very first time!  It’s like watching a baby being born!  Well, sort of.

A soft lunch is more like a dress rehearsal.  It’s the first splash to make sure she floats, and everything is working smoothly before final touches and test sailing begin.  It’s still a big event.

So, we made our way back to the HH Catamarans factory for the big day.  And like most things with boats, nothing goes exactly to plan and there is never a dull moment.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of an issue with our rigging and the mast couldn’t go on.  These things do occasionally happen (wrong part or wrong size gets shipped out) and everyone has to hustle to remedy the issue.  It’s not terribly surprising considering we are the first HH44 Ocean Cruising Catamaran.  Hull #1 and #2 were both the Sport Cruising versions that have a different mast and rigging (we’ll get into those details when the mast goes on).

Unsurprising or not, it was a sting to learn of yet another delay.  Especially when emotionally, we feel like a couple of stray dogs, staring into the window of a bacon factory.  So close, and yet soooo far away.

First world problems at best and to quote Vanilla Sky, “the sweet isn’t as sweet without the sour”.  There’s far more sweetness ahead and speaking of sweet…CURIOSITY looks delightfully delicious floating in the water.

HH44 Catamaran Curiosity and Nikki Wynn





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  • Adam Spencer

    How did you pay for all the tips and boat?

  • Pat

    Folding ebike…Evelo Dash perhaps?

  • Colin Weeks

    Ooops Sorry – misstyped my email address.

  • Colin Weeks

    Hi Guys,
    After catching the dreaded fuel bug, I installed a fuel filter on my cat and it works really well. if the tanks are less then half full (in total) I can filter from one tank to the other to ensure it all gets scrubed. I do this twice a season (beginning and end of). Plus I can equalise the fuel levels between the tanks if wanted. It’s a definite plus.

    PS I’m not jealous of your new boat. not really, never!!!! (Well perhaps a massive amout!) Enjoy your new home, may she bring much joy and pleasure 🙂

  • Mark Krajcar

    Fido D4. This is the only bike that would fit in my space. Add folding pedals to it. Doesn’t have beach tires and TBH I wasn’t sure of the quality when I bought it. I’m used to high end bikes and I was very happy to be surprised by the quality of this bike.

  • Alan Solomon

    I too, was thinking why the bottom of the boat is dirty. That immediately caught my eye. I could not figure it out.
    Well, you have survived and made it this far. You don’t have far to go. Just a bit more living out of temporary locations, suitcases and boxes!
    I sort of have the same thing going on but not quite to the extent you are going through. Mine has only been for the last 10 months.
    Traveling home now might be time consuming and difficult but if you can see your destination in not too many steps you know it will be great.
    Happy December, ar, ar, ar,

    • Curious Minion

      Hey Alan & other curious viewers! Most bottom paint needs to be “splashed” within a very short time frame after being applied in order to ensure the best performance, so it’s usually the last chore in any boat build/refit. New formulations are coming out all the time and some have done away with the short window, but I don’t know which Nikki and Jason have chosen.
      Curious Minion

  • Jess the mess

    Most of us are going to be old enough (Wisened? Seasoned? Experienced? .. Vintage) to know who Tim the Tool Man is. So no worries about aging yourself – I’m still older 🤣🙄

    I can fully understand your angst and the strain on your patience; right there with you with our tiny home. “Atmospheric rivers” and flooding have caused a few delays, so here we sit in our too-small RV with two 100lb dogs drooling on everything. – We’re doing a bit of drooling ourselves at this point if I’m being honest. We’re also an hour away from the closest anything so going to the store 2-3 times a week (RV fridge) can be a bit scream-inducing.. especially when you realize you forgot to buy coffee. So uh, YEAH, I feel it with you!

    Here’s to everything falling into place seamlessly, quickly, and beautifully. I can’t wait to see her with her sails out cruising the ocean! .. I may be a bit too attached to the successful launch of Curiosity at this point. Y’all have been a fantastic distraction to keep my sanity in check, and I think your need/desire to finally be in your floating home is only a bit more intense than my desire to watch you move in 🤣🤣 – Jeez. I need therapy at this point.


  • Tev

    Tool Time, ar, ar, Yes I remember it well. The boat is beautiful and these last two years have been some of the best videos you’ve done. And someone complained that you wouldn’t have any content. HA. Hang in there, the finale is coming soon and boy won’t it all be worth it a year from now. As always, thanks for sharing.

  • Bill Berry

    Yes I remember Tim the tool man and that fits perfectly.

  • NYC sailor

    Hi sorry for your delays but it’s looking beautiful! Very exciting. In regards to e-bike I’m Not sure if this will work but i love my old bike and found this company that allows you to convert your regular bike to electric bike, Swytch. Never used it don’t know much but thought you might be able to buy a foldable off road bike and convert it? And if not Swytch maybe another company is out there? Good luck.

  • Brad Vickery

    Jus wondering being a new craft. Why is the hull so dirty? Or that still work in progress after the leak test is performed?

  • Mary Van

    If you MUST get out, come on home. We are all together in Austin for Christmas, come on home. ❤️🎄

    • Mary Van

      And the boat is BEAUTIFUL! I am sorry that it is not 100% ready to sail. I know lugging around all your stuff for a 1 1/2 years has been a drag.

  • Tom Dorn

    Please…I wanna know about all the stuff at the bottom of your boat: bilge, vents, outflow holes, inflow openings, sensors, rudder, wing-dings, cables, props, shafts, and all the other what-knots. Show us before all this is hidden in that wet stuff. Thank you and happy, joyous oriental holi-daze.

  • Kleis

    Recommend the Lectric E fold-up bikes all the way! Consider to store 1 Lite in each hull. Enjoy!

  • Colin Cohen

    Delays are inevitable with purchases/projects like these. And I suspect the mast will not be the last. Do plan contingency days around your Acceptance/Commissioning: my experience is that there is always “something”.

    We use Lectric Bikes as paddock transport at motorsport facilities. Models aside, we found they fit in the storage compartments under the trailer, but you have to be very specific in the load/unload process to make it happen to avoid mishaps and damage. Those triangular lockers look like could accommodate them on top of each other with perhaps a load dispersion panel between the two. Get zip up bags to avoid snagging bike parts on the boat during the load/unload process. Lectric has detailed specs of the folded dimensions so you can quickly see whether they are narrow enough at their wide points to slide into those lockers. Definitely go for the biggest fattest tire you can and look at the various tow carts for transporting groceries, boat parts etc. We use them for 5-gallon fuel bottles and they do the job, folding up the size of a folded blanket.

  • Bob S.


    How hard is it to be sure that a major item is not properly ready for installation? “Oops” from a builder is not an excuse no matter what hull number you are.

    • Brad Vickery

      Here here!

  • the other Jan

    A cliff hanger!!! Can’t wait to see it in all its glory. Hope visas went smoothly.
    You guys must be exhausted with the ups and downs…

  • Peter Drury

    Amazing! Exciting!!
    Trying to find a positive view, at least the problem with the rigging was a bit of extra length. Too short would have been much worse!
    Keep thinking good thoughts! (too many exclamation marks? Sorry ’bout that!)

  • Jan

    Of course, we know Tim the Toolman Taylor! Anyone that doesn’t – well go Google him and get a big laugh!

  • Chris Lovejoy

    Great episode! Can’t wait to see that mast install.

  • OjaiLynda

    This beauty is definitely worth the wait and we are all looking forward to sailing with you again….soon! Until then Just. Breathe!

  • Joyce Tatler

    Why did the bottom of the boat look dirty when it went into the water

    • Mary Van

      I was thinking the same thing.


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