NeatDesk Scanner


Before we hit the road nearly six years ago I purchased the Neat Mobile Scanner and I didn’t like it because the scans were too hands on.  I’ve gone back and forth on what to do with all my receipts attempting to store them, capture them using a cell phone camera + app and I simply got fed up with the hassle of it all.  This year I purchased the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and I love it.  I can throw a handful of receipts and it scans them all and adds them to a designated folder on my computer.  It literally saves me hours at the end of each month, it’s better for the IRS, I don’t have to keep files of receipts in the RV and I can transfer the scans to my Quickbooks account which works great for our business.



  1. cc

    I bought one 10 years ago. They had terrible software that they did not improve despite a loyal group of owners who made suggestions. Most of the problem was not being able to create your own categories for storage. I’m here hoping that in the meantime they did make those changes, and I would like to update my software 🙂

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