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The ultimate shotgun microphone for the lazy video dude.  That’s right, I use this mic because I’m always shooting on the fly and I often forget to turn on and tweak a more professional mic.  Is it the best mic?  No.  Is it easy and simple to use?  Yes.  Is it idiot proof?  Sorta…see tip below.

Yes, the Dead Cat is a must if you plan to film outside in windy conditions.  Yes, I know it’s special order and yes I promise it will be worth the wait.  Plus, it just looks cool on the camera.  DeadCat on B&H:  There was a different brand on Amazon but I can’t find it anymore.

A little tip:  I noticed my first few Bahamas videos had a lot more wind noise than we normally hear.  At first I couldn’t figure it out!  Maybe we’re in more wind? Maybe I need to upgrade my shotgun mic and buy a blimp for the wind?  Turns out on the a6000 the “Zoom” feature doesn’t work so it stays in “Gun” mode.  With my new a7ii the “Zoom” feature does work and when I zoom the lens I’m also zooming the microphone condenser.  This would be awesome in a controlled setting or indoors, etc. but not with 20 knots of wind blowing at the mic.  If you have a camera that can utilize the “Zoom” feature, make sure you switch the microphone into “Gun” mode before filming in windy situations.  Problem solved, mic drop!

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