Our boat came with the Cruise RO Water SeaMaker 40 and the previous owner loved it.  I remember him telling me “if you have any problems at all you can call Rich anytime day or night.” To be perfectly honest I sorta brushed off his comment thinking we’d upgrade the water maker system with a more automated one.  I didn’t like the idea of all the manual gauges and having to remember to flush the system, etc.


But after living with our watermaker and pricing the fully automatic versions…I’ve decided the Cruise RO is perfect for us.


I’ve emailed back and forth with Rich (the owner) many times and he is all about customer service, which is a huge deal for us.  If there’s an issue, I pick up the phone, call (or text) and he’ll do everything he can to make sure the issue is resolved as quickly as humanly possible.  I honestly don’t know how he does it, I can’t imagine giving out my cell phone to customers all over the world!


Here’s the scoop on our water maker: It produces 43 gallons of fresh water per hour which is HUGE! We do need to run our generator to power the 120v high pressure pump, but we make the most of it!  Watermaker time on our boat is like a blitzkrieg of power consumption.  We can fill our tanks, charge our lithium batteries to 100%, do laundry, heat the water tanks, recharge everything, bake, cook, run the AC and anything else that needs substantial power to operate.


If you’re on the fence like we were, here’s our two cents about watermakers:  The bigger the better: meaning the more water you can make per hour the better.  Having a manual system isn’t as taxing as you might think, in fact it’s pretty simple after you do it a few times.  Separate parts are good so you can cram each part of your watermaker in different compartments if necessary.  Non-Proprietary parts are best, meaning you don’t have to special order from the RO mfr, you can pick up many of the Cruise RO parts at a standard hardware store.  You can’t beat the price or the customer service that Rich provides with his watermakers.



Rich from Cruise RO has offered a bonus just for our friends (that’s you). Use the order code WYNNS and he’ll send a free Cruising Kit that’s worth about $200!  Watermakers don’t go on sale and “Boat Show Specials” are as good as it gets…and that’s what he is offering.  Just give him a call or shoot him an email.


Filters You Will Need:

20 Micron:

5 Micron:

Coconut Shell Carbon:

And…we use this minerals replacement cartridge for those concerned about not having minerals in your water:




  1. Barry Morgan from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada I watch you guys all the time love you all

    Hi Nikki and Jason this is Barry Morgan coming to you from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada I watch you every time I save your videos I’m fortunately covid-19 I unable to send any finances your way yet but I’m thinking of it but I love to have one of your caps Insurance in the future maybe you can let me know how much they are go for and the proper way of getting funds to for those items again I like you guys all the time I watch you every day and night wish I could be out there sailing with you sometime in the near future I know it’s the closest you came up on your Maps is close to Canada between the US and Canada I’m one of your stops I noticed on you Curiosity on the maps so if you’re out there sometime live give me a shout out I love to hear from you take care safe trips Fairwinds Fairwinds and safety always yours truly Barry Morgan

  2. Kerry Koontz

    With all the maintenance and all that how much use you getting out of it before you have to start replacing filters and and that???

  3. Henrik

    Great post, but curious: With your massive battery banks etc, your watermaker would run equally well with an inverter rather than using the genset, right? So in a way it is more for also doing the additional things you mentioned using the genset, right?

    • Curious Minion

      I’m not sure it could. Making water via RO is a power-intensive process, and the watermaker has to run 4 hours to fill the tanks. Even if it could be done via battery power, it would probably pull the batteries down pretty far and then there might not be enough power for the rest of the daily activities. [Remember that they have computers working/charging all day and they use electronic appliances for cooking.] If you’re curious you can find the stats on the watermaker here:
      Curious Minion

    • Nikki Wynn

      This system requires a hefty amount of power. More than most inverters can handle and it would reduce the lifespan of our batteries. Now, if we had the 12v unit…then we could totally run it off of our inverter/battery bank!

  4. Kevin Lynch

    Great, honest review. Brief yet detailed enough to understand what is necessary.
    Appreciate posting a price.
    Thank you.

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