What is the Cost of Full-Time Living on the Road in an RV? Surprisingly it’s a lot more (and at the same time it’s less) than we expected. Here we outline our expenses and costs for life on the road full time in our Motorhome.
Everyone has a different experience with full time travel across North America but one things for sure: We’re all trying to live the dream while saving money where we can.

We hope this information will help you plan a realistic budget for your RV travels. However, it is important to realize travel is deeply personal and each person has their definitions of what they can or can’t live without. For us, we like great quality food (organic, local, straight from the source), great experiences (we’ll spring for the hot air balloon tour) and free camping (BLM, National Forest…). If you’re curious how we make money while living in an RV full time check out our post: Make Money and Travel – Gone With the Wynns

From our experience, what ever you spend now (food, entertainment, shopping habits…) is probably what you will spend on the road. While our expenses are a little less on the road than when we had a sedentary life, it’s not drastically different, so don’t expect to save a ton of money unless you are going to be making some serious spending habit changes while traveling. We live a comfortable life on the road and we like it this way!

Two things you will not see on our expenses is the purchase price of the RV or Smart car. RV’s and tow cars can be purchased for as little as $500 all the way to millions! You are going to buy what works best for you and fits in your budget, so what we paid for our RV and tow car won’t make a bit of difference in your budget planning.

No matter how you’re traveling across North America this page is here to help you plan for the unknown and the adventures that lie ahead. Here’s what it cost us to live and work on the road full time in an RV (your expenses may be totally different).

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2014 Q3 & Q4 Full-Time RV Expenses
2014 Q2 RV Full-Time Travel Expenses
2014 Q1 RV Travel Expenses
2013 Q4 Full Time RV Travel Expenses
2013 Q3 Full Time RV Travel Expenses
2013 Q2 Full Time RV Travel Expenses
2013 Q1 Full Time RV Travel Expenses
08-01-2012 through 12-31-2012 RV Travel Expenses
02-01-2012 through 07-31-2012 RV Travel Expenses
2011 RV Travel Expenses

What are your average monthly travel expenses? Do you have any money saving tips other travelers need to know about…by all means, don’t keep all the secrets for yourself! 🙂

If you have tips feel free to share in the comment box below, but PLEASE remember everyone travels their own way and budgets can be wildly different, so don’t be rude, this is a place for sharing and helping, not for judging. For all you weary travelers out there, keep it between the lines! Till next time….we’ll keep spendin’ and trackin’