The Wynns on Breakfast TV

Our 15 Minutes of Fame in Canada

If you’ve never been to an RV show and you’re interested in buying an RV, what the heck are you waiting for?  We were just recently in beautiful British Columba at the Abbotsford RV Show to speak on two topics that are near and dear to our hearts: Green Up Your RV Lifestyle and Travel for Free.

The Canadian media loved our story of life on the road so we were invited to speak on 3 different TV stations, and 4 different radio shows.  It really seems like the Canadians are more excited about alternative lifestyles than the US media.  It’s such a wonderful opportunity to reach a larger audience and share with them the love we have for travel and living life a little more green!

Here’s us on set at Breakfast Television (below) and on Rush TV (above) sharing a few of our favorite items for greening up your travels and your RV.

The Wynns on Breakfast TV

Arriving on setup day was quite the insight to the craziness that was about to take place. RV’s coming in the giant conference center doors, boxes and giant crates being dropped on every square inch of floorspace, and vendors scurrying around trying to setup and get the heck out before the day was gone.  Nikki and I walked around to see all the craziness and to see where our main stage would be setup for our talks.

earlybird rv show

Of course Nikki and I stuck out like sore thumbs walking around all the crew, so we quickly made new friends.

making friends

We found the crowds for Greening up your RV were a little slimmer than the Camp and Travel for free segment, however both topics pretty much packed the house. It was a great feeling looking out on those chairs all full, and every now and then we’d even get a good laugh from the crowd (mostly about our drinking jokes, or us “arguing” on stage).  A special thanks to all who sat through our ever evolving spcheel, and our apologies for those who came on Thursday ‘cause the speech only got better with time (like a fine wine) haha.

The Wynn's Presentation

We met plenty of new friends including who talked all about poo and gave us a great idea for a toilet paper test (which we’ll do a video on soon), 2 of the nicesest people selling the natural brand JR Watkins who offered us up some much needed hand repairing lotions and some special mint to energize our spirits, and the good people of gopower who are all about affordable solar for RV’s and Boats (and yes we hit them up about getting us solar tricked out on our next adventure too). We found ourselves spending most of our free time learning from the other seminars and exploring the new RV offerings. We were a little disappointed to see there wasn’t much out there that dazzled us or inspired us to want to switch RV’s, it sure seems like not much has changed in the past few years and the RV manufacturers as a whole are kind of in their own time warp.

Since the show’s profits are given to charity we donated our time speaking at the show, and we’re proud to say with this show the grand total of donations to local BC charities reached over $1,000,000!  So if you came to the show give yourself a pat on the back, the hard earned cash you paid for those tickets was put to good use.

one million donated

If our travel plans unfold the way we are hoping we may be up in Abbotsford again for the Snowbird RV show held in September.  Till then we hope to see you online, and if you have any notes or photos of us from the show feel free to share, we love seeing pics of “yours truly”.   Safe Travels, and thanks for showing us a great time Abbotsford, BC!

Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • Deanna

    These videos are great, and you guys are awesome! My fiance and I are planning our own RV adventure for next year and you have inspired us to get going! We are from Ontario, so it’s great to see you getting publicity in Canada. Any plans to visit Canada again? The Muskoka region and Algonquin Park in Ontario are beautiful!

  • This is awesome! You guys are naturals. Safe travels!

  • judith mader

    Just saw your tv interview.
    So good,
    I am so happy for you all.

  • I love the idea of the solar powered flashlight and power source for small electronic devices. We’ve been dreaming of renting an rv and going adventuring for a week or two and showing our kids how much fun it can be.

  • What a great video 🙂 And I love how you both shared your experiences learning about how to live in a RV 🙂

    Good to see you having so much fun at the show, would love to be there to hear you both speak! Congratulations on your RV expo.

  • Dan Olson

    I remember that motorhome and even the trailer before it was converted – very cool. My Uncle Winston is an unlicensed genius who can solve any design problem and invent what ever is required to do the job. As for Aunt Carol, she is just one of the treasures of the earth. I hope you do get together for dinner I know it would be memorably fun 🙂

  • Nancy Tamkin

    I am Carol Pike’s sister and will never forget when we got word of the accident. They lost everything as that was their home.

    Winston was a genius for transforming a regular travel trailer into a vehicle that could be driven on the road and I’m sure it was the very first “RV” around. This was in the early 60’s and I know I never saw anything like it before and they sure got a lot of ‘”looks” when they drove down the street.

    My husband and I never got to the Abbotsford RV show but will certainly try and get to the Snowbird show.

    Best of luck on your travels.

  • mary van

    That is a pretty cool story. Woudl that have been the first unofficial RV?

  • Carol Pike

    Hi, We were so disappointed not to have seen you at the show, we were there, but it was a matter of timing that day. Hoping you are able to make it in September, will definitely plan our day better, so we can make it for your time on stage! I would love to show you’s a picture of our “first” motor home! My husband took our 21 foot TRAILER, and converted it into a motor home!! (he was always saying to me, “I’d like to be able to sit up front here (in the trailer), and DRIVE this, instead of TOWING it”!! I thought he was crazy, but he did it! We had 3 months of travel in the States and everywhere we went people were honking, waving, and cheering us! (even Walter Mattheau) This was back in the early 60’s……….Unfortunately, in Ohio a semi-trailer truck hit us from behind when we were stopped in a line of traffic on the freeway….(police estimated his speed at 70 mph, and needless to say our motor home was no more! freeway was shut down for 3 hours while they used front end loaders to shovel the wreckage into 2 dump trucks!) ~~~~my husband was devastated to see all his hard work, lost….Never stopped us from travelling tho’, still going strong and lovin’ it!! ~~~Sept. is a nicer month to see B.C. and our mountains, you will love it here then!

    • Carol that is one hell of a story! I would love to see pictures of that! We are planning on trying to make it back that way for the Snowbird show. We will have to get together for dinner and swap stories!


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