RV Toilet Paper – its about more than your butt

RV Toilet Paper – its about more than your butt

What toilet paper can I use in my RV? Sounds like a simple question however, when you’re selecting an RV friendly toilet paper you gotta think about more than the comfort of your butt! Don’t buy the “fluffy bear commercial” toilet paper and by all means don’t waste your money on that sandpaper like generic RV toilet paper either! So what kind of toilet paper can you purchase that won’t destroy the black tank inside your motor home??? Well…that’s even more complicated.

Over the past few years of travel in our motor home we’ve purchased a lot of different toilet papers. We’ve emailed companies and asked if their TP was safe to use in an RV (we were told wrong), we bought the recycled ‘eco-friendly’ toilet paper from Camping World (that was a mistake), and we’ve purchased the fancy wet wipes that claim they ‘dissolve after flushing’.

As you can see from the video the best RV toilet paper we’ve tested is the Scott RV and Marine brand. Here’s the breakdown on each of the toilet paper rolls we tested:

Thetford Quick-Dissolve RV: $2.50 (4 rolls)
Mfr. says: Economical one-ply tissue that is 100% biodegradable and dissolves rapidly, made for RV or Boat.
Our take: least comfortable of the 5, slow to break down, only purchase in a bind.

Scott Rapid Dissolving RV: $3.25 (4 rolls)
Mfr. says: Breaks up 4x faster than the leading brand, Clog Clinic tested and approved, strong, soft and absorbent, made for RV or Boat.
Our take: Soft Enough for RV TP, doesn’t always tear in the seams which can be annoying, breaks down very fast, good overall RV toilet paper.

Seventh Generation Recycled Bath Tissue Big Rolls: $3.50 (4 rolls)
Mfr. says: Processed without chemicals containing chlorine, no added dyes or fragrances, and 100% recycled.
Our take: Decent comfort, socially responsible company, doesn’t break down quickly enough for RV use.

Scott Moist Wipes: $7.75 (102 count)
Mfr. says: Scented wipes with aloe vera leave you fresh, breaks up after flushing, Septic Safe, alcohol and dye free. ‘Green Done Right’ 20% of packaging recycled and 100% of fibers derived from sustainable resources.
Our take: Not necessary, expensive, less earth friendly than good ‘ol toilet paper. Their ‘Green Done Right’ is a good start but nothing compared to a Seventh Generation. Does not break down so not safe for RV use.

Cottonelle Fresh Care Moist Wipes: $8.00 (98 sheets)Mfr. says: Alcohol free, use with regular TP for a fresh and clean routine, sewer and septic safe, biodegradable, breaks up after flushing.
Our take: A little softer than the Scott Moist Wipes, but still seems unnecessary and expensive. Does not break down so not safe for RV use.

Don’t think your testing is over yet. Corporations are constantly changing manufacturing facilities so there’s a chance each pack of TP you purchase can produce different results. On the other hand don’t go crazy over it, as a general rule of thumb if the packaging changes you should test again or at least 1 time each year.

It wasn’t until we spoke at the Abbotsford RV show, and met the guys who started sanidumps.com, that we were introduced to this test for discovering RV safe toilet paper.

The test is so easy I’m giving you homework: Grab a jar or container, fill it with room temperature water, throw 1 sheet of TP in there, give it ONE shake, and let it sit for a day.

Tell the world in the comments below if your preferred brand of toilet paper is RV approved…and if you’re feeling frisky give us a comfort rating too!

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