How The Sailmakers Stole Our Money

How The Sailmakers Stole Our Money

This is a cautionary tale about how we ordered sails from a reputable sail manufacturer, paid in full, and 21 months later, we have no sails.

This is not a video we wanted to make. We were really hoping there was a reasonable explanation for why our sails were never delivered or why our money wasn’t returned. But unfortunately, the more we learn, the more shocked and disappointed we are. The writing is on the wall: We are out of a substantial amount of money and we aren’t getting the sails we paid for.

We feel we have been scammed! And we need to warn the sailing community so hopefully, no one else ends up in a similar situation.

In this video, we share the sequence of events, the sailmakers we ordered from, and what we’ve learned from this experience. (Video on YouTube:


We are happy to say the whole debacle has come to a close. Full story here: ▶

Court Case

Here is the court case I mention in the video: Quantum Sail Design Grp. v. Jannie Reuvers Sails, Ltd.


We Love South Africa! It’s very important to us this is clear. The last thing we want to do is create a negative association with South Africa and the sailing community in South Africa. Because aside from this one event, we have had nothing but positive experiences in South Africa and with the beautiful South African people we have met along the way.



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