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San Elijo State Beach, California

Beachfront property in California is expensive, but camping on beachfront property is very affordable!

San Elijo State Beach Campground sits right on the ocean in Cardiff, CA.  It’s a cool beach town with a laid back vibe and most everything is reachable on foot.

Even the grocery store is just a short 5 min walk.  If you want to get the scoop on the surf and hang with some locals, check out Pipes Cafe for breakfast.  For lunch or dinner, Bull Taco at the campground makes a mean street taco!  We ate enough of them to know!

If you are yearning for the buzz of the city, San Diego is only 30 minuets away.  However, we don’t think you’ll want to leave.  Cardiff was one of our favorite beach towns in California and the beachfront camping makes it even better!


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  • Kelly Powell

    Wow you are living the dream alright! My husband and I own an older RV, we are Alaskans, and in about 8-10 years, we want to be hitting the road living the same lifestyle as you! Well, except older and maybe not so spry..heehee! Enjoying your life through your videos!!

  • Thanks for a job well done. As Daniel said thanks for keeping the dream alive 🙂

  • Daniel Brady

    Love what you guys are doing; thanks for keeping the dream alive for those of us housebound! As an older RVer and huge fan of CA. I think you guys would enjoy: Emma Woods State Beach in Ventura. Oceanfront camping (no hook ups) One of my all time favorites! And if ya like Jazz, the Russian River Jazz Festival at Johnson Beach in Gurenville. I love that you were in Trinidad, Ca;my home for 15 years! Where’s the west coast meet & greet echo weekend??

  • Cyndi

    San Elijo is my family’s favorite place to camp! It is a challenge to get reservations for our favorite beach side sites, but we manage to visit at least 5 times a year. Did you get to visit the farmers market? Its held every Sunday at the local elementary school. Pipes is our favorite breakfast place and you didn’t mention VG Donuts, also my kids favorite place for donuts! Love, Love, Love San Elijo!!!

  • Lynn

    I envy you two SO much! 🙂 If only I could find someone who wants to sell everything, live life again and do this with me. Enjoyed your show on the Travel Channel. Love that you both are living life now because tomorrow isn’t promised!

  • San Elijo was our last stop before we left Cali and headed east. We splurged on the ocean front site too! Well worth the extra $15. We will most definitely be back for a surf vacation next winter!

  • Todd

    Are you guys coming to Santa Barbara ?

  • Stan Lawler

    Just saw your episode on HGTV. It really made me want to do the same thing. How many RV’s did you really look at? They showed 3 final choices but I have a feeling you looked at quite a few more. Are you still happy with the choice? You seem like a great couple I’d really like to meet. My wife doesn’t usually watch this show, but she even liked it! Have a great time and I’ll be watching on your site.
    Stan Lawler
    Indianapolis, IN


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