A Surfer’s Collection – Vintage Home and Killer Surfboards

Think you’ve seen some cool surfboards; well you ‘ain’t seen nuthin yet’.We check out this surfers collection of surfboards, records, lamps, and everything else surf related! His name is Rusty Wink and he lives to surf and it shows.

Rusty’s home is located near the epic surf break known and Trestles in San Onofre State Beach near San Diego, California; not a bad place for a surfer to “settle” down. Join us on a quick tour of his home and a trip back in time through surf nostalgia. Hang ten!

What do you think of Rusty’s Collection? Have your own collection? Share in the comments below.

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Comments (4)

  • Christy Castaneda

    Hi Rusty,

    Met you in August at Red’s Meadow at the hot spring. Just wanted to say hello. Looks like this video is from several years back, so this may not get to you.

  • Julio Feliciano

    Hey Rusty, this is Julio!!
    Remember me? We used to skateboard at hamburger hill by your house with Pat Schlick, and roller skate in Cypress..
    Was thinking of you guys, and I looked you up and this video came up..
    Nice collection of boards!!
    My nephew is a surf instructor at Doheny in Dana point, and he has about 100 old boards from the sixties and seventies..
    Let’s hook up my old friend!
    [email protected]
    Bless you brother….

  • mary van

    Those boards are incredible! I can’t believe his collection, pretty cool!


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