Wilmington North Carolina, an Unexpected Surfing Hotspot

When we think of surfing we think of California or the North Shore of Hawaii, not Wilmington North Carolina.  Oh, how we were proven wrong.

Wilmington is a cool river front college town loaded with students just waiting for the sun to pop out.

According to Jacob (Jason’s bro and UNCW student) the attendance in class directly correlates to the weather.  When it’s sunny, every runs, not walks to the beach!  And, who can blame them.  Check it out:

We just so happened to pick the one beach on the one day there was a surfing competition going on.  There’s nothing like a few pros to add a little intimidation to the waves.  Luckily, the waves were perfect for a beginner surfer like me and the surfers were super nice or as they say in Hawaii, they had the Aloha Spirit.  We even had the chance to chat up local celeb and surfing champ Tony Silvagni.  Tony won the 2011 ISA World Longboard Champion which is like the Olympics of Surfing.  We chatted about his hometown and his home breaks which he was very passionate about.  He was unfortunately busy studying (he is also a UNCW student) and not teaching the day we were there but he runs an amazing surf school that I will be attending soon!  I have been doing alright on my own but I can’t wait to see how a pro can improve my skills!

Famous for my "how-not-to" videos, and typically the man behind the camera, sometimes I’m forced to be here in the “spotlight”. When you see my face you’re probably reading something more technical than adventurous, but either way I do my best to tell it like it is and infuse my opinions into the commentary…after all this is a blog and not MSN.

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  • mary van

    I can’t wait to try my luck on the beginner waves. Looks like they are gentle enough that I may actually get up this time!

  • Still no baby….. But we are up early with contractions this morning!

  • Mary. Van

    I can”t wait to learn to surf. Tried 1 time and it was a little mire difficult than I thought it would be. Since Nikki & Jason are in the Midwest, it may be a long time before I will get to try again. Beautiful beach!

  • Cool! You have great production quality in your videos!

  • KittyKat

    Im in Love! Definitely on my places to go list!

  • Kathy

    Hay, I live in Wisconsin not Plymouth but in Wisconsin. Well they surf on lake Michigan, let us know if you give it a try. Oh, If you surf wear a wetsuit Lake Michigan is chilly. I enjoy reading your blog.

  • Michael Kennedy

    I used to spend my summers there when I was boy (looks a little different than the 40’s). 😉 Beautiful place.


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