What is “The Thing”?

What is “The Thing”?

The Thing is the Mystery of the Desert, or at least according to the some 250 billboards for 200 miles lining Arizona’s I-10 highway.  The yellow signs repeat themselves over and over, taunting you to visit and the irresistible urge to stop, becomes overwhelming.  We totally caved and paid the whopping $1 fee to check out this incredibly kitschy tourist site.

The tour starts with a walk through a creepy door where you follow yellow footprints to a series of tin shacks.   The shacks house some odd and interesting things from old torture devices to an old Rolls Royce supposedly sat in by Adolf Hitler to some weird farm equipment.  I’m not sure if any of it is legit but either way, I was intrigued!  It has a tourist trap sideshow vibe going on, and considering it has been around since 1965…I would say its working.

You want to know what “it” is.  Well, there isn’t a lot of information and the sideshow tourist trap likes it that way.  They prefer to let you wonder for yourself.  If you ask a clerk where it came from, they’ll tell you the legends and leave you to decide for yourself.

As for what I thought of “The Thing?” It’s a great way to stretch your legs and take a break from the road, just don’t go in with too many expectations.

The thing is located in Dragoon, AZ at 1-10 and Johnson Road. Exit 322. (Not that the hundreds of billboards won’t let you know that you are close!)