One Wild Ride: TNT Stagelines Virginia City, NV

One Wild Ride: TNT Stagelines Virginia City, NV

Virginia City, NV is a town set in the 1800s and TNT Stagelines transports you back to that time for an authentic stagecoach ride!

Gary and Nancy Teel are the last of their kind to operate this old school ride.  Gary (the stagecoach driver) looks like a ruff and tuff cowboy that would have been a part of the Pony Express or Wyatt Earp’s crew.

Gary drives the stagecoach at full speed and on the edge, literally on the edge of the cliff!  With the Comstock Gold Mill in the distance and the dirt flying there is no denying the excitement of the ride.  The best part is with no bad guys or Indians chasing behind, you really get to focus on the sounds of the horses, the coach rocking and the wheels rolling.

If you have any wild west fantasies, this would be a good place to start living them out.  Don’t tell him I told you so, but Gary is a really nice and interesting guy.  He has a reputation to uphold and let’s just say nice is not part of it according to him.  Spend some time to get to know him and he can tell you some great stories and has an infectious passion for the stagecoach lifestyle.

Let the adventure begin…