sunken treasure in the Philippines with the wynns

Finding Sunken Treasure In The Philippines

We may have to make some major boat modifications soon, because treasure hunting could be our new full-time gig!  Turns out the Philippines are one of the world’s biggest hotspots for shipwrecks and lost treasure. 🤯

As luck would have it, we meet a legendary sea explorer (we’re talking Jacques Cousteau meets Indian Jones) who offers up his list of over 200 undiscovered shipwrecks. 🪙🏴‍☠️💰 Considering the insane discoveries he has made; the list could make us legendary too.  CURIOSITY 3.0, Gone With Ship Hunters?

If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then our next encounter should.  We meet up with our new friend Jay who is a local sailor and Filipino food expert.  She takes us all over the Subic area introducing us to the local markets and delicacies.  Fair warning…don’t watch if you are hungry.

Vasco’s Restaurant, Resort & Maritime Museum

Vasco’s doesn’t have a website but you can find them on google maps or ask anyone in Subic Bay and they will point you in the right direction.

Jay – She Tried And Tasted

If you find yourself in the Philippines and need help with anything food, provisioning or general shopping related, Jay is your woman.  She is incredibly resourceful and has helped us stock up on much needed spices, dried goods and other household items as well as the fresh stuff.



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  • Bruce & April Winship

    You guys never fail to amaze. We traveled on our small catamaran for 10 years with our 2 daughters and your take on the cruising life is so spot on. You have given all of us so many wonderful cruising tips, that I thought I should pay you one back.
    When we put in an induction stovetop (love it) we were worried about scratching it and the pots sliding around the slick top. I was hesitant but bought a silicone cooktop protection mat made specifically for induction cooktops. It not only looks great but nothing slides on the top now. When using only 1 “burner” we actually use the other side to prep out plates for serving. Nothing gets hot. (I’ve read some comments on how these burn on the stovetop, but when you read closer those unsatisfied people used their silicone mats on a regular glass radiant heat electric stovetop. No bueno.
    Anyway, we love our Sundays waiting for your next adventure.

    • Curious Minion

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us all!
      Curious Minion

  • OjaiLynda

    Another great video! I felt shades of Key West’s, Mel Fisher, another treasure hunter who hit it big in 1985 with the Atocha treasure.

    • Curious Minion

      Today’s the day!
      Curious Minion

  • George Sinclair

    I forgot to add. I was a Aviation Electrician for USMC, VMF-251. Crusader aircraft by Chance voit (get ready) made in TEXAS
    Have fun

  • George Sinclair

    You have brought a smile & memories to an old man’s heart. Spring of 1961 sailed out of Subic for TonkinGulf aboard USS CORAL SEA. Returned & the next day had appendicitis. So I left part of me there. Had to hold our nose going across the Alongapo River. Also walk down center of street as gutters were drainage. I see from your video it has improved.
    Have clear weather & a following wind.

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi there and thanks for another great adventure video. 👍

    I cannot imagine finding all that treasure. How exciting it would be to find treasure and be able to do that on a regular basis or to have a job like that!
    He did a great job with his museum so others can enjoy his treasure finds too.

    I identified with the comment from a “boyandhisdog” because, I also noticed all the plastic they were using at that market. I believe there is a badly polluted river or two in the Philippines. I hope the plastic from that market doesn’t wind up in the river on a daily basis. Thanks again. Happy days. Stay in the moment.

  • Diane

    As always, thank you for sharing your rare finds with us. And I really enjoyed learning about Jay and her skill set.
    Any change you know about the nautical watch she was wearing? I’m interested it that too! Diane

  • Susan

    Another great video thank you.Just finished watching on
    I love seeing you both happy and living your best life.💕

  • Mary Van

    What a cool place to happen onto! All the treasures he found when he was a young man! I can’t imagine diving down as deep as he had to with the gear they had back then. Great stories!

    How was the mango? Did it live up to her statement? I know how we all love mango. You guys used to eat around the seed because you loved it so much!

    Did you learn some new recipes Nikki? The food she had prepared looked amazing!

    Glad you got to enjoy yourself for the day. I hope things are going well on the boat and you’re learning everything you need to know to move on to the next adventure.

  • Aboyandhisdog

    In the market it seems like an insane amount of plastic being used. Any guess as to where all of that plastic ends up? You guys could set a good example by taking reusable bags and containers with you from the boat. Gotta start somewhere…

  • Jan

    All that waiting payed off. Finally back to living the life. I was actually sad the video ended. More likely I was sad I couldn’t taste any of all that food.
    Boat looks great and you guys look refreshed and happy. Hope not many repairs needed and you all can get on your way. Seems pretty nice there tho not a bad spot to be for awhile.
    Looking forward to next vid.


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