Wandering Goat – The best espresso with a sustainable twist

When you’re purchasing coffee from The Wandering Goat in Eugene, Oregon you’re buying more than a cup of coffee. You’re supporting good people doing great things for the environment from seed to cup.

Michael, the owner, takes us on private tour to educate us on what it takes to get that perfect cup of coffee.

Michael is equally passionate about serving up a solid cup of joe, and taking it easy on Mother Earth. If you ever find yourself in Eugene, Oregon stop by the Wandering Goat for what is possibly the best espresso you will ever taste!

Get your Goat…..Salud!

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  • There’s no shortage of sustainable options in Eugene! I’m loving your site – what a cool idea! P.S. I’m watching your episode of “House Hunters” as Iwrite this 😉


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