Nomadic Hangouts and The Worlds Longest Beach

Nomadic Hangouts and The Worlds Longest Beach

Sometimes things just work out when you travel. For us that synchronization of timing worked out just perfectly in Long Beach Washington, and what makes travel more fun that meeting up with friends!?!

full time RV ers

Long Beach Peninsula is famous for Jake the Alligator Man, Kite Flying Competitions, and the World’s Longest Beach, but for us this small town delivered as the perfect place for a nomadic hangout.


Upon our arrival (back in August, yes, we’re a little behind) we met up with some old friends and bloggers Nealys On Wheels and Newschool Nomads and shared a few cocktails and conversation around the fire. Talk about your welcome wagon!

amping with friends

After the talkin was done we started right in on the doin!

A short drive from camp is the historic Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and North Head Lighthouse.  We scored a major bonus as it just happened to be a WA State Park Free Day! Whoo Hoo!

lighthouseWe took a quick tour of the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment which was pretty cool (we had to run through as they were closing the doors, but hey a sneak peek is better than no peek).Lewis and clark

One very cool thing about Long Beach is the Discovery Trail that runs over 8 miles from the town of Ilwaco (what a name!) to north Long Beach. We were able to walk out of our campground and connect with the trail that parallels the coast and leads into downtown Long Beach.

discovery trailnomads

In true family style we pedaled our way downtown with the Nomads and explored everything from museums to ice cream shops.

In true adult style we met up with the Nealy’s for a premium tailgate party and some fresh caught crab and steamer clams.  They are fantastic cooks and the fresh caught seafood in these parts is absolutely delish!


As you know it’s our “job” to report on where to eat and drink!  So, if you don’t have friends that are willing to cook for you, head into town and visit one of our Long Beach favs:

  • Shelburne Restaurant – Sit in the Bar for fast and free WiFi and house infused liquors…and if you’re nice the chef will come over and offer you a meal from the fancy near five star restaurant menu.
  • Pickled Fish – Great live music schedule, cool view, interesting drinks and yummy food.

We did make our way down to Astoria, OR one day (it’s only a 15 mile drive) and we loved it!  If you’re passing through definitely spend a day or two exploring this cool town that  sits right on the Columbia River.  And while you are there don’t miss the Astoria Coffee House and Bistro.  They have great local coffee and yummy food…just DON’T look into the dessert case (the brownies are pure evil)!

We were on the peninsula to film the Long Beach RV Resort.  After spending a week in the area and visiting many RV parks we realized there are not many good options for camping, so we were happy we stayed at this Thousand Trails park.

I’m sure we missed a lot, but hey we had a great time nonetheless. When we return to the area Oysterville and cranberries are at the top of our to-do list (and a grey whale sighting would be nice).

If you’ve ever been to the Long Beach Peninsula tell us what you think.

Disclaimer: While we were compensated to film the campground (thanks Thousand Trails!)…all of our experiences and opinions are NOT purchased and are still our own.