While we’ve only been full time on the road since 2010, we’ve had quite the progression of RV’s leading up to our full time lifestyle. We have owned and traveled in a 1985 VW Camper, a 2009 30ft Damon Avanti and a 2010 32ft Monaco Vesta. Now here we are with a rear engine 2014 33ft Fleetwood Excursion 33D.

Meet Roy, our new home on wheels for 2014.

Roy is a test unit that we are leasing from Fleetwood.  If you want to know how we ended up with Roy, read this:  Our Next Adventure


Why the name Roy?

We really struggled with what to name this new beast of an RV.  The bold black and gold swirls on the outside, the dark black leather on the inside…it’s comfortable and feels oddly familiar (like a bachelor pad, maybe?).  We kept trying to put our finger on exactly what embodied this new environment.  We thought of a modern day RV version of Sanford and Sons or maybe if National Lampoon and the Griswold’s were to do Vegas again in an RV.  But none of it was quite right.  Then we started thinking about an old man…a feisty, flirty and a slightly flashy old man.  One that acts like he is still 25, only dates women under 25 and enjoys the finer things in life.  That’s when it hit us.  THIS RV IS GRANDPA ROY!  No wonder it felt so familiar, it’s the motor industry’s version of Jason’s Grandpa Roy!  Now of course we do realize most of you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Grandpa Roy.  So you’ll just have to take our word for it when we tell you, he’s a gambling man who is always ready for an adventure.


We’re eco-conscious people and let’s face it, traveling in an RV doesn’t seem like the most eco-friendly way to go.

But just like the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…well you can’t judge an RV on mpg’s alone.  It’s all about the details and of course the mods, mods, mods!  Now, some of these details and mods are just as much about keeping us comfortable and working while on the road as they are about keeping our carbon footprint down.


Factory details that make a nice difference:


Mods and add on’s that make life on and off the cord better:


Composting Toilet

Separates the pee from the poo and turns waste into compost! Uses no water, no chemicals and we use Coco COIR because it’s more sustainable than Peat Moss.  The big bonus is no more black tank and extended boondocking!


We have two goals with the investment in our RV water system: Create pure healthy drinking water from any available source that tastes so good we never have to purchase bottled water, AND reduce the flow so we can conserve water every day.


Staying connected on the road – Phone, Internet, and Free Wi-Fi 

A good toad

Our convertible Smart Car is eco friendly and great MPG(about 40); 85% recyclable and 95% reclaimable.  We have the RoadMaster Sterling All-Terrain non binding tow bar and the BrakeMaster breaking system. That about sums it up.  Do you have an RV mod that made your travels better or questions about our new home?  If so, drop us a note in the comment box below.

Our Other Top RV Upgrades

We’ll keep this page updated as we continue to live with our #FleetwoodRoy and as we find new upgrades and add-ons to share. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.


  • Bob

    February 21, 2015 Reply

    Love your site and all of the great information for those considering the RV life. Do you have any additional information that can be shared regarding the changes coming from Fleetwood with the Bounder, Excursion and new model releases for 2016/2017?

  • Jeff Lerom

    February 15, 2015 Reply

    Hi Nikki and Jason,

    I'm in the process of researching FT RVing and have found your site to be invaluable. I do have a question about your purchase of Roy. Did you negotiate with Fleetwood the installation of the Composting toilet, Solar set up and WI-Fi boost in the purchase price? I'm curious how receptive they were and if it could be used in bargaining a purchase price.

    Thank you.

    • Nikki Wynn

      February 15, 2015 Reply

      You can absolutely use some add ons and upgrades as bargaining tools during negotiations and have them written into your contract. Each dealer is different and some will be far more receptive than others. We have a special lease agreement which you can read about here: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/new-rv-adventure So we don't own Roy. If you haven't looked over our RV shopper series yet, take a look: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/category/rvin/rv-shopper-series

      • Jeff Lerom

        February 18, 2015 Reply

        Thanks Nikki. I reviewed the shopper series and again, great info. Y'all are making it easy for us beginners

  • John

    February 4, 2015 Reply

    Your videos inspired my wife and I to buy a 2015 Excursion 33D. Fleetwood may not pay you, but they should note that your videos influenced at least one person to buy their product. We are somewhat tied down with a 6th grader so our travels will be much more limited than yours. We were going to wait until after he graduates from high school, but figured we could build some memories before he moves on. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think you are the most informative resource on the Internet. Your RV shopping tips are right on target.

  • Rodney

    January 28, 2015 Reply

    So, you followed thru with the Excursion. I believe either one would have been a nice choice. I watched your video on the Gas/Diesel between the Bounder and the Excursion AND listened to what the sales guy told you about Diesel vs. Gas in the buying video. I have to share that I have heard the exact opposite from salespeople on servicing and costs and resale and was told to avoid the rear dually models if possible. I was unable to compare market pricing on an Excursion as it is a newer model but I did on the Expedition model which runs a bit more with market residual to a Bounder using NADA and current for sale units and found that the value is about the same going back to 2001. But hey, what matters is you got the one you wanted and it is certainly nice! Congratulations

    • Jason Wynn

      January 30, 2015 Reply

      You got it, the great debate really boils down to personal preference!

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