Our Next Big RV Adventure

Our Next Big RV Adventure

Your imaginations have been running wild with ideas of us becoming parents, sailors, downsizing or the worst…gasp…non-travelers.  Bad news is you are all wrong.  Good news is we have been having some very unexpected and interesting conversations over these past few weeks.

gone with the wynns

Here we were, in the midst of planning our next big adventure (this is where you may imagine open oceans), when we received a call from an RV company called Fleetwood.  Here is a non exact version of those conversations.

They asked if we’d be interested in continuing to RV for a little longer and if we would do so in their “Windy like” 33ft Excursion.

We said maybe… then asked: can you make it float and can we take it out of the country?

They said no.

We asked if we could go and do whatever we wanted, if we stayed in the U.S. and Canada.

They said yes!

We asked if they could give us one that didn’t have black leather interior and gold swirls on the outside.

They said no.

We asked if we could spray paint it.

They said no.

We asked if we could have a washer and dryer.

They said probably.  (This is how you negotiate, ask for something ridiculous first, then your real request seems normal)

We asked if this was going to be a sponsorship.

They said kind of.

We said hold on; we’re googling kind of a sponsorship…Wikipedia says: a sponsor is to support an event, activity or person, and also says a sponsor does not control the message that is communicated.

They said yep, that’s right.

We asked what they really wanted.  They said just some honest feedback about the coach and to keep on doing what you’re already doing: educating and inspiring RV’ers…also we really like you’re videos.

We said really?!?

They said yes.

We asked if they might sponsor some of our awesome videos.

They said probably.

We said ok then, you can give us an RV.

They said, well we can’t give it to you but we can lease it to you for really cheap.

We said ok, fine… but why do you want us to lease your RV anyway?

They said we think you’ll really like Fleetwood, even with the gold swirls and black leather.

We said challenge accepted.

Now you all know that we are on our way to Decatur, Indiana to pick up a 2014 33d Fleetwood Excursion (we’re leaving Denver today).  Pretty crazy right!  I bet none of you were thinking all of that was going on!

So, Fleetwood agreed to lease the Excursion to us really cheap, and we agreed to drive it around in 2014.

We’re pretty excited because we get to try out a new RV and get to keep making videos about RV’ing, cool places to go and epic adventures.   The only big question left now is, where are we going to go?  Alaska, Tennessee, Nova Scotia,


, the Florida keys… we are open to all suggestions and just about any sort of adventure!  If you’ve got any crazy ideas, toss em’ our way and hopefully we’ll see you on the road!

Let the adventure begin…