Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Maine

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Maine

The past few days have been a great mixture of work and play. We have been filming at the Bar Harbor campgrounds and really enjoying the beauty of the area.  Here is the video piece we put together for the Bar Harbor camping resorts.  If you watch the video in HD it looks sooo much better!

So, what did you think of the video?  As you can see it was a lot of hard work and we didn’t enjoy a bit of it (yeah right!).

The tides here are sooo amazing to watch. Check out the dramatic difference between low tide and high tide.  These pictures are taken in the same exact spot!

We even made our way into Acadia to check out some of the caves at low tide and there’s all kinds of cool stuff to be discovered!

We spent days in Acadia National Park. It was amazing! It’s been a while since we just spent a whole day hiking, exploring and just enjoying nature. I know that sounds odd considering we travel full time but it’s the truth. We have been in lots of pretty areas but nothing that gives you that same sense of awe as a National Park.

We hiked to the top of at least 3 mountains. That sounds way more intense than it really was. This was leisurely, not too difficult and the views at are different at each peak you reach and every corner you turn.

Now, as you will notice, Jason is carrying all of his camera gear on his back (about 40-50lbs) so it may not have been so leisurely for him.  The funny thing is, when he straped the tripod to his backpack he didn’t notice that the quick release was missing….which means it won’t connect to the camera and is useless…so yep, he carried that tripod for nothin’!

However, he did found his own private pond for a little afternoon dip!  The perfect way to cool off after carrying all that gear.

Disclaimer: While we were compensated to film the campground (thanks Encore!)…all of our experiences and opinions are NOT purchased and are still our own.