boat argument settled, mast on and sea trials of the dinghy

Biggest Argument Settled! (boat build update)

It’s been a big week here at the HH factory filled with completed installations and even a little time out on the water.  Our HH44 CURIOSITY is getting so close to being complete we can taste the salt on our lips.  Mast is stepped, propellers are fitted, copper bottom paint is on and the dinghy is commissioned. Now all we need are some sails and we are ready to get wet.

Plus, we reveal the completed installation of what has no doubt been the most debated piece of equipment of this entire boat building saga.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think building a new boat would be this much work.  And we’re not even the ones doing the labor.

Our days and nights are filled to the brim with decisions to be made, parts to be purchased and logistics to be planned (oh how I have NOT missed maritime bureaucracy).  The closer handover day gets, the more complicated the logistics seem to get.  Boat insurance for SE Asia looks expensive and potentially difficult to obtain.  We’re still searching for the port of least resistance to check into the Philippines and sailing out of China, well that is a whole other kettle of fish.

So many adventures ahead with so many variables to plan for.  We have gained a boat load of knowledge over the past 2 years (much more than expected) and we still have soooo much more to learn.  We are fortunate HH Catamarans has been so open to letting us roam free in the yard, film without abandon and ask 1001 questions.

Thank you so much for being a part of this untethered journey with us.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and I don’t expect 2024 will be anything less.  So, rest up, have the most wonderful holiday break and we will see you in the new year!




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  • Joanna

    How about calling the dishwasher, ‘Corner Pocket’!!! 🎱 🎱 🎱 That’s my vote for naming the win (get it, Wynn😉) for getting such a fine perfect fit, and finally scoring one of those/these very helpful machines!!! Hee hee, what a nice win for ya Jason… and Nikki😊😄😁😆😜 Look forward to seeing you use it, ha ha. I’m so glad you got one and Nikki helped you get it! Love your shows!!! Take care 💝

  • Eric Wild

    For the lightest folding ebike the Carbo X 350w 10ah looks great to me.
    Very light weight for an ebike, and belt drive means no rusty chain or gearshift components, which we had problems with our Montague full sized folding bikes on our boat. The electric assist makes up for the lack of gears and keeps things simple, which is best.
    As far as mountain bike ambitions, bigger diameter wheels are always going to be better, but there is a big trade off with portability. Getting our montague bikes off the boat in our tiny dinghy was a chore, we would leave them ashore if we were in a spot for a few days if possible so we didn’t have to lug them back and forth. In hindsight I think something like the Carbo X would have been used more because it’s easier to bring ashore, and would be great for pavement and rideable enough on gravel roads, but not fun like a mountain bike.
    The go cycle also looks like a great option, but I wanted to chime in with the Carbo X as an option because it is lighter and cheaper, certainly looks like the better value to me.

    Thanks for all the inspiration over the years, my wife and I followed in your footsteps in the Bahamas a few years ago and appreciate all the work you guys put into making great videos.

  • Melanie

    Every Curious (or Curiousity) needs a George! Name the dishwasher George….please!

  • Heather

    For folding e-bikes – have you checked out Brompton? They fold up quite small. Or if you find a size you like on a ‘city’ bike, you could change the tires – wider/knobbier – that would also make your ride more comfortable. There are lots of suspension seat posts that you could add or add a gel seat 😉 The Electric Bike Review website has a good comparison tool – Court also has a YouTube channel but he’s been doing reviews for 10+ years so the website comparison tool is probably more time effective! So excited to see your boat is almost done – Happy Holidays🎄

  • Dan

    Please don’t get ebikes. You will loose Curiosity when the battery connections corrode and shorts out a cell (and they will) which will go into thermal runaway and triggers a cascade reaction. You won’t have time to chuck it overboard.
    Just hire when you make landfall. If you mention their name in a video they will probably lend them to you for free.

  • Lynn R

    You got it right! The HH44 just got Boat of the Year 2024! Congratulations! I can’t wait to follow your travels on your new boat! I was hoping you would be in the Philippines so I might catch you in January, but good things take time. Your getting close and I am excited for you.

  • Linda Geffroy

    Wishing you both Happy Holidays! My husband and I are “living” through your videos and love the way you present your “wanderlust” and sailing experiences.

    We are from Nova Scotia, Canada, previous small keelboat owners!

  • Mary Van

    The boat is so beautiful! I’m so excited for you to be in it, and on the water again! It looks huge! I can’t wait to see it in person.

    Well, the mountains or Texas I guess I’d choose the mountains too. Although we’d have mountains of fun. 😊.

    Love you guys! Miss you so much! Merry Christmas or as Jason says, Happy Christmas!

    I know it’s going to be a great year!

  • Herb S

    Call the dishwasher the “Jasonater”!

  • Kia

    Hi, what brand is the dishwasher? I’d like to have it on my boat. Thanks

    • Curious Minion

      Pausing the video while the user manual is displaying reveals that the maker is Fotile. As Nikki pointed out in the vid, the stand-alone isn’t for sale in the U.S., but they do make a model that’s combined with a sink if you want to Google that. Good luck!
      Curious Minion

  • Alan Solomon

    Happy Holidays Nikki and Jason.
    The best name for the dishwasher I came up with was Curiosity Dish Wash or Curio Dish Wash.
    Electric is the way of the future. I am glad you took the plunge and chose an electric dinghy.
    Congratulations on getting this far. This video for some odd reason felt monotonous. 🤷‍♂️
    Safe, enjoyable travels. Joy to the World!

  • Jess

    I think you should call the dishwasher “Marrijal” – Sounds kind of nautical… right? It just seems appropo 😉

    That restaurant looked crazy! I love seafood but American seafood vs traditional Chinese seafood can be quite different. We discovered this last year on Christmas Eve when we were living untethered waiting for a house that never happened (builder scammed us out of the deposit -long story) Anyway, we were in Seattle and went to China Town to an authentic Chinese restaurant. We couldn’t communicate so we just pointed. …It was quite the experience. This year it will be a little less authentic 🤣

    Much like you we were supposed to be spending Christmas in our new tiny home but it’s been delayed until .. wait for it…JANUARY! (Must be something in the air)

    For the record, we haven’t agreed on a dishwasher yet. We will get one, that debate was settled, and I figured if I don’t have to do them (much) then he can do whatever he wants but we still haven’t found one we can both agree on. (A tiny home doesn’t need a massive, expensive dishwasher.. right?)
    -I never use one, but I’m a chef, so he does the dishes, and I did vote in favor of Jason getting his. So there you go.

    I loved the music in this video and I’m happy to hear your mast worked out. YAY! I hope you film over Christmas because your no plans Tibetan Christmas sounds FREAKING AWESOME! I’m so ridiculously excited for the launch of your new home, like, really excited! She’s coming together so well I think she’s going to be stunning! Best of luck, Merry Christmas, and Xīnnián kuàilè!

  • Bill Berry

    Impressive this should be interesting when the Launch happens as well as the hand-over. Curious this might have already been covered or will be I am sure in a future video, but will ask how is the waste water handled for the Dishwasher is it over the side or to the grey tanks? Best of fortune till the next video enjoy and I will say you have given China a very nice look I am sure it is like many country’s you have to seperate the politics from the nation.

  • Michael Dronsfield

    Your new dishwasher name should be Alice! In reference to the Brady Bunch Maid. LOL.
    Not sure if it would offend anyone but it literally was the first thing that came to me.
    Enjoy your new boat!!

  • Steve G

    Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season and health happiness and great adventuring in 2024 and beyond.

  • Colin Cohen

    Dinghy looks great but I wonder how quickly you can select reverse? In coming alongside I have often found that necessary in high wind or swells and the need to do 2 things to reverse seems clumsy? Can you reverse while the motor is in forward propulsion mode?
    Also – how easy would it be to charge it from a shore station? Multi voltage? Adaptors needed? How long to get 50% at 220V?
    One advantage of a RIB dinghy is that you can literally throw the helm over at full speed and it yaws without any risk of capsizing. Noticed you did not attempt anything like that in the pond?
    Best wishes for the holidays.

    • Curious Minion

      Watch the video mentioned on the dinghy testing. The guys at OC challenged them to flip the ZeroJet and Nikki & Jason gave it their all! The only thing that happened though was that their faces hurt from laughing so much.
      Curious Minion

  • MarkByron

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jason and Nikki. Thanks for this fun end of year video!

  • Marty Schweinhart

    Happy Holidays Jason and Nikki. Stressful, yes, but easy to see progress. Dishwasher looks great. I voted for Jason on that one but could never really vote “no” for Nikki. It’s really looking like 2024 aboard Curiosity will be a reality. Godspeed Winns. Love you both. Tibet should be really cool.

  • Jon Dudeck

    Can you explain the new homeport on the transom?

    • Curious Minion

      There will eventually be a whole video on things like registration, home port selection, insurance, etc. so stay tuned!
      Curious Minion

      • SV Kokoro

        Great, topic of much interest as we are considering same home port for our new built in progress. Curious to validate some of our reasoning with yours.

        • SailerRacer

          My guess would be the high US tariffs for Chinese built luxury items. A flag of convenience can help avoid these tariffs and be helpful for insurance. It does have some draw backs and some you need to select the right country. Some countries require the boat to come to the flagged country once a year.


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