jason and nikki wynn racing a sailing catamaran

We Sailed In The Biggest Race In The Country

Despite having ZERO racing experience or knowledge, we said YES to sailing in the biggest club racing series in New Zealand.   To be honest, we’ve never even watched a race (In all fairness, we don’t watch any sports.  Our excuse is we’re participators, not spectators).

So why go racing now?!?  Good question.

They say the fastest way to be a better sailor is to race.  And, after casually sailing around on our friends cruising/race boat Slime…we were curious to see what a real race looks like.

It seems going into things full tilt and blind is sort of our unintentional style.  It’s how we got into sailing in the first place so it really should be no surprise.  We’ve practically made a career out of being underqualified and overly optimistic.  Ya know, winging it.

Race Report:

The Doyle Sails Wednesday Series at the RNZYS (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron) is the largest club racing series in New Zealand.

(All stats are approximate from David’s watch)

  • Temp: 75°f  (23°c)
  • Race Course Distance: 13.9NM in a straight line
  • Distance Sailed:  Because this is sailing and there’s no such thing as straight lines.  So, a total distance of 16.3 Nautical Miles.
  • Race Time: 1 hour 20 min  (2 hours dock to dock)
  • Top Speed: 19kts





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Comments (13)

  • Owen

    Welcome to Hauraki racing, great to see you had an awesome time 🙂

  • Ian and Emma

    We have watched almost every video of yours and have always enjoyed them, but the extra loud music with lyrics you have started playing recently removes the enjoyable emersion we used to have viewing your videos. The lyrics especially detract away from the greatness your videos once were. And sometimes we can’t even tell what you are saying the music is so loud. Please be more aware of how your lyrics distract and take away from what the audience is trying to watch and enjoy.

  • MarkByron

    What a rush! Thanks for the treat.

  • Alan Solomon

    I have to say for a minute or two I was close to the edge of my seat. About 15:40 into this video I was feeling the energy all the way here in California.
    Great job getting the excitement on video. The music may have had a part in it too. That doesn’t usually does not happen with me. Good choice.
    Happy and Joyous,

  • Steve Gibbons

    I hope you get the opportunity to race on Sydney Harbour. Certainly looks like a blast!

  • John S.

    What an exciting video. You did a fantastic job with the editing and music.

  • Dan S Brown

    Well guys…phew! The teamwork and timing was amazing to watch. David on Exodus demonstrated the importance of excellent communication skills combined with experience. I raced my Fireball (mono hull) on Okanagan lake and still remember the thrill of flying a boat. Cheers from Canada. 🙂

  • Bob S

    Why did you not wear PFD’s? What if you bumped your head and fell overboard?

  • Pat

    It has been awhile since i have been online and able to watch you two. What an adrenal rush this was. Great video

  • Steve Tannenbaum


  • Paul Reynolds

    Yep that was a bit of fun but cruising is better I think, I kinda believe you will agree, let me know 🙂

  • Janice Froese

    On the edge
    This was great ! We had a 44 ft Morgan and sailed that beauty all around Florida and then back up to Canada through the Canal system to Oswego then to Toronto where it is now .
    Best years of my life . I watch every week
    Janice F

  • Ed Grant

    Now THAT was racing! Those two boats were truly built for speed and this posting illustrated how fine tuned your crew must be to make it “fly”! Having been raised by a Dad who loved racing any boat he had, I know the feeling and excitement when boats go racing for those “bragging rights” and nothing more. So glad you kids got to do this !


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