Sailing The Biggest Race In New Zealand (you can too)

Sailing The Biggest Race In New Zealand (you can too)

Despite having ZERO racing experience or knowledge, we said YES to sailing in the biggest club racing series in New Zealand. To be honest, we’ve never even watched a race (In all fairness, we don’t watch any sports. Our excuse is we’re participators, not spectators).

So why go racing now?!? Good question.

They say the fastest way to be a better sailor is to race. And, after casually sailing around on our friends cruising/race boat Slime…we were curious to see what a real race looks like.

It seems going into things full tilt and blind is sort of our unintentional style. It’s how we got into sailing in the first place so it really should be no surprise. We’ve practically made a career out of being underqualified and overly optimistic. Ya know, winging it.

Race Report:

The Doyle Sails Wednesday Series at the RNZYS (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron) is the largest club racing series in New Zealand.

(All stats are approximate from David’s watch)

  • Temp: 75°f (23°c)
  • Race Course Distance: 13.9NM in a straight line
  • Distance Sailed: Because this is sailing and there’s no such thing as straight lines. So, a total distance of 16.3 Nautical Miles.
  • Race Time: 1 hour 20 min (2 hours dock to dock)
  • Top Speed: 19kts




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