Most Intense Bioluminescence Ever

Most Intense Bioluminescence Ever & A 42 Hour Bus Trip

It’s just the two of us once again and things are quiet on the boat. The seas are glassy so we jump in the dinghy for a night stroll…and we get the most intense bioluminescence show of our lives! Nature was showing off and we were lucky enough to catch it on camera!

And then…we’ve been without our passports for five weeks now. So, when we got the email our French Polynesia Visas (and passports) were back, we jumped on the next bus to Quito.

Well, almost. It was a bus to a bus and then another bus. It’s a 42-hour adventure we’ve whittled down to 12 minutes.  Click the play button!

What a trip!  A long and surprisingly quick 42 hours of our lives. While the bus system worked great and was affordable, I’d rather be sailing. But Quito on the other hand, is a fantastic city worth exploring anytime.

Bioluminescent – Do I turn you on?

Bioluminescence might be my all-time favorite natural phenomenon! Living organisms creating light. It looks like a scene right out of a science fiction movie, but it’s real…oh so real!

There are some bioluminescent creatures on land like fireflies, but there must be billions in the sea. Bacteria, jellyfish, starfish, clams, worms, squid and the list goes on. There’s so much to see in the deep dark sea.

Research isn’t solid on why these creatures create bursts of light. Most believe it’s a form of defense or a way to attract mates. Were those sea creatures trying to mate with us? Was it the way Minion glides through the water? Do I turn you on baby, do I?

Pha, ok, it was most likely a form of defense.

buses and taxis in ecuador

Getting Around Ecuador – Buses and Taxi’s

Taxis – They vary in every shape, size and form, including the quality of the car. That said, we typically had very friendly drivers and great experiences. Taxis are yellow, have a lit ‘taxi’ sign or sticker on the windshield. In the bigger cities, taxis have an orange or orange-striped license plate.  Most important, always ask “Cuánto cuesta” (how much) beforehand, there are rarely working meters.

Buses – There are three main types of buses in Ecuador. The small-town, big city and commercial/long distance buses. As in most cities around the world, travel by bus isn’t the fastest.  But, it’s often the cheapest and it will get you where you need to go. That is 100% true in Ecuador.

  • Small-town buses are not on set schedules but are plentiful and only require a wave to flag them down. But, hop on quick, because they don’t stop for long.  It’s good to know a little Spanish because it’s rare to find an English speaking bus driver.
  • Big city buses are on a schedule but are best during low traffic times. During peak hours they are packed and run slow due to traffic.
  • Commercial buses are nice (most with A/C, but its Ecuador, so there’s no guarantees). The biggest pain here is purchasing tickets. You can’t book online and you must show up to the bus station to buy tickets. The seats often sell out 24 hours in advance. So, your chances of showing up and buying a ticket same day can be slim to none. Best to plan and purchase at least 24 hours in advance. Our tickets to/from Salinas/Quito were $17 each way per person.  Our bus was comfy, but on the return trip the A/C was having trouble which made sleeping difficult on the overnight trip.

best cafe in quito ecuador

Quito Sips & Bites

We’ve spent a decent amount of time in Quito. Enough to know good food can be found through any hole in the wall. This trip was no exception.

  • En Dulce – Calle Guayaquil N6-56 y Olmedo, 170111, Ecuador
    I wanted to buy every cake and pastry they had available. Watching the bakers work while sipping our cappuccinos was just too much.
  • Galletti Coffee Roasters – You can find their coffees at the grocery stores or head over to one of the local cafes for a fresh cup and treat! We stocked up on their Amazon roast before leaving!
  • ZAO – Paul Rivet N30-145, Quito, Ecuador
    Seriously good Thai food…and unexpectedly awesome sangria.

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  • Thomas

    Wow! I just realised I don’t have to make my way to the Maldives to see the bioluminescence. Instead, I’ve got another reason to visit Ecuador. When should I go not to miss this amazing phenomenon? Is this experience available all year?

  • Allan Kirch

    Bioluminescence!! We live on an amazingly beautiful planet. Thanks for sharing.
    On a slightly different topic; Since you like me are not native to Ecuador, how long does it take to plan a trip like the one to Quito?

  • Tammy

    Love watching all your adventures. What awesome videos!! Can’t wait to see the next one pop up in our box.
    Safe travels! Blessings to you both!

  • Kris

    Thank you ! I absolutely loved these two videos.

  • Keith

    Haha! Minion! (love it)

  • Roeh

    I worry about the cats. Do they just stay on the boat when you take side trips?

    • Curious Minion

      Curious Minion here. The cats go with them on longer car trips, but the stayed aboard Curiosity for this trip. Some neighbors at the anchorage looked after them.

  • Gary Coover

    I followed you for years and just wanted to say Thank you for all you do. Loved the Bioluminescence, never would have believed it….Thanks again for sharing your life.

  • Jimbo

    The bioluminescence was so amazing I had to watch it twice. I don’t know how you kept yourselves in the dinghy.
    Thank you for reminding us how amazing this planet really is.

  • Jim

    Was afraid you would get bitten putting your hand in the water like you did at night from the dingy! Glad you didn’t. i think Brady from Delos got bitten by a Barracuda recently when he washed his hand from the back of the boat! Nice video, Wynns!!!

  • Pam McClure

    Beautiful. Glad you could capture the light.

  • Peggy

    This was one of your best videos and that’s saying a lot, considering that they’re all fabulous! This one just really hit the spot with me though. Thank you so much for all the time you spend shooting, editing and posting them! I’ve been following you since RV days (we’re fellow RVers) and are so intrigued with your boat travels now. Fair winds and following seas!

  • Sandy Behler

    Ecuador seems lovely, but Some of the refugees showing up at our southern border are coming from there. Did you see things that would make people want to take this long, dangerous trek?


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