Q&A: Capturing Bioluminescence, Cats, Visas and More

Q&A: Capturing Bioluminescence, Cats, Visas and More

We’ve done Q&A’s in the past but this one is a little different. Our videos spur on a lot of questions…especially this last one. (Most Intense Bioluminescence Ever & A 42 Hour Bus Trip)

  • How did we capture those Bioluminescene? Were they really that blue? Was the water nuclear or radioactive?
  • Why take such a long bus trip? Why not take a flight or rent a car?
  • What about the cats? How long were they alone, were they ok?
  • What about the French Polynesia Visas? We’re they approved or not?

They are all good questions, so we brewed up a fresh pot o’ joe and answered them. Ready for some coffee talk?

Do you like this type of casual Q&A? Maybe we can make it a normal thing?!? Could give us the chance to answer a lot of common questions that come up. We pulled the questions directly from the comments section on Patreon, our website, Instagram and YouTube. No matter where you prefer to chime in, we see you. ?

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