Boat Build Update: So Close, And So Far Away…

We’re back at the HH factory and we are so close to splash time, yet so far away.  The final decisions must be made, and this is our last chance for any final negotiations on changes.

Boat Build Update: So Close, And So Far Away…

We’re back at the HH factory and wow, we are sooo close to splash time…yet so far away. Or so it feels. The final decisions must be made, and this is our last chance for any final negotiations on changes. It’s an overwhelming and exciting time. Which is why for this boat update, we’re taking you behind the scenes on what our days really look like here at the factory.

Why Aren’t We Sailing Yet? Boat Delays?

Our original contract delivery date was July. But it’s rare for any boat manufacturer (or service yard) to deliver on time. Just ask any boat owner. Why the manufactures don’t just give a more realistic time frame from the get-go is beyond me. Because I don’t know anyone that would be upset about something being completed early. But I know lots of people that get very upset about delays.🤷🏻‍♀️

Yes, there have been some delays over the past year due to Covid and typhoons and just general supply or production delays. We thought we would be cruising by now, but so goes it.

I snapped a photo of this sign at a Mexican restaurant in California a year ago. I have kept it as a reminder for these kinds of moments.

Good Cheap Fast

When it comes to our boat, good is what we care about most. And we know Paul Hakes (the builder of HH Catamarans) won’t sacrifice good for fast or cheap (cheap isn’t in his vocabulary, as is reflected in the price of our Variation Orders 🙀). His stubborn reputation for quality above all else is why we wanted an HH in the first place. So, we wait. Sometimes patiently…sometimes not.

According to the production team we are only about 30 days away. And assuming mother nature plays nice, and nothing catastrophic happens, I think that’s a fair estimate. Which means it’s time for us to get serious about outfitting our new home. Safety gear, medical kits, spares, basic housewares, food and all the other things we’ll need to make our first ocean crossing. 💸💸💸 If I get any good advice from my therapist on how not to stress about all the money flying out to sea, I’ll let you know.

Will Jason Get A Dishwasher

This is the million-dollar question. I have found (yes, I have been the one pushing for this one, because happy husband, happy life) a dishwasher that is good quality, fits our unique space requirements and HH is willing to install. But now the question is, can we negotiate a reasonable installation cost? Because this falls into the “variation order” category. And anything that is a VO comes with a very high price tag. Because it’s not a part of their standard options and will take them more time than something that is. And anyone who has owned a boat (new or used), knows that things get quoted in thousands, not in hundreds. We must make a decision soon or it will be too late. So, stay tuned… 🙈

Drama Minimizing Headsets

Wireless headsets are often called “Marriage Savers” for a reason. I don’t know how we survived without them our first 6 years of sailing. For CURIOSITY 2 we’re going all in, trying to make things as easy as possible, and not yelling at each other is a good start.

Hand signals are great when things are calm (no wind) and you have at least one hand free. But this is rare…and rarely when communication matters the most. Because there are so many times when your head is down and your hands are full when mooring, anchoring or tackling a sail. This is why we now have headsets.

We experienced the calming effect of headsets on TTR, the HH55 we sailed in the Tuamotus. They had the Eartec Brand, which we heavily considered purchasing: The upside is you can flip the mic up and it mutes the microphone. The downsides: They are bulky and they’re not waterproof (or even water resistant). The downsides became evident when a line hit the headset and threw it into the water. Even though I jumped in to rescue the headset, it was toast!

We chose the SENA Bluetooth Expand These are made for active situations like biking, horse riding, climbing, etc, so it’s a stable and secure fit. Plus they are water resistant (unfortunately they don’t provide an IP rating), but at least they claim “rain or shine”. It also has advanced noise control to reduce ambient noise and rumble from wind. The only downside I see is if you want to grumble something under your breath you’re partner will definitely be able to hear…so remember be kind when you’re wired up 😊.





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