TRYING NOT TO GET MY HOPES UP & A Boat Full of Distractions

Hope is a funny thing, especially when you are afraid to let it in.  I typically choose to be an optimistic person, which under normal circumstances is easy enough to do.  I let go of my expectations and waltz into the journey with my eyes wide open and my rose-colored glasses firmly in place.

But my desire to be home, and for the world to be pandemic free, has me setting expectations I know I shouldn’t expect.

And that is exactly what has happened this week.  We get a phone call that leaves us with uneasy feelings of hope.   Luckily, we have a boat full of distractions…or should I say a family full of distractions!

We’ve had a lot of incredible days with the crew of Zatara and I feel like this video sums up what life on board with the Whitaker family is really like.  What life on board with a lot of families probably looks like.  It’s my favorite so far and I hope you find some joy in it too.

Join us on the stunning Suncoast of Fiji for some boat life fun.



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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Rob Casden

    Hi Jason & Nikki,
    Just bought two UGO packs for our boat papers. Thanks for the promo! So glad you are going home finally!

    We also are purchasing a Leopard next month and would LOVE to have your project list & costs that Just Cats did for you?
    We also will need to leave our Leopard with Kent for 2-3 months!!! We love him too, but Ouch!

    Rob C, soon to be aboard Windward Destiny
    [email protected]

  • Rich

    why couldn’t you have them sail you over to get your boat ?

  • Paul Reynolds

    Nikki n Jason,
    I love you and would like to see you grow into old age, which ever way you choose or can x

  • Reilly Willoughby

    I have done it. Over the past couple of months I have watched all of your sailing videos and am now, officially, caught up. You are living my dream. Even though you are separated from your home, man, it is amazing watching the adventures you are having.

  • Silas

    Was going through your old Rv videos and was trying to find one that told what type of portable refrigerator/freezer you have. Would love to find out need to purchase one and wanting to get a good product. Thank you for your time.

  • Grandma Mimi

    Makes me want to redo my life! Love the one your are living and share with me!

  • Robin

    Having just raised two teenagers, I find watching them totally exhausting, lol, but you were very good sports about it all. Fingers crossed for you two and Curiousity.

  • Alan Solomon

    Another great video Nikki and Jason.
    There are so many fish down there it just makes me happy that there are Healthy Coral Reefs to explore and thrive into the future. Another Beautiful Day!!
    The Whitakers are way cool and just happy to be in Fiji on there boat together as a family. They are one energetic family. You guys may be a little more reserved and you may like the quiet, non-actionable times too. Sometimes that can be difficult to balance. Kiting looks unpredictable but, I used to think the Ocean and its inhabitants were unpredictable. Like you used to be Nikki, I am a little skittish about the deep. Great news on hearing from Tonga about getting back. I will also keep everything crossed in hopes you both return home soon. We all feel the absence you both feel being away so long. You both are not alone!!
    Best, Safe and Well,

  • Paul Reynolds

    Hi Nikki n Jason,
    Yesterday I was feeling so much how I miss you aboard Curiosity and your life style as a truly well tuned couple. this of course made me understand just how much you are wanting your independence back and your home.
    Today, seeing where you are, your activities and company, it’s really not so bad, the Whittakers have given you a window into family life that otherwise you may have missed, there hospitality is truly respected and although I have seen a few of there videos, I’m going to subscribe for sure, the crazy but cool humor, I understand too, so much responsibility as a Dad and captain of the ship, the humor really comes out, it’s a coping tool that works.
    To turn back the clock to better times, particularly no covid19, I’d love that, also to do things better than previously done, hey I wish.
    You have something to look forward to and I personally wish you the best, meantime just enjoy this time.
    I am not feeling sorry for you today xx

  • Roger Elmes

    Thank you so much for being you and sharing so much with all of us. It seems like yesterday that you announced at an RV show in Abbotsford BC on the 49th Parallel that you were going to sea. Your seamanship skills have grown exponentially along with your underwater photography and videos. You are way beyond the Steve Dashew sailing videos and books I loaned you!!! And you’re absolutely correct about doing all this while you have the chance. While I’m still active ashore at 79 and a new great-grandfather, I have more or less swallowed the anchor and am concentrating on shoreside cycling and hiking, Keep it up guys!!!! And thank you again.

  • JD

    As always, your videos make me feel so peaceful. Loved the time lapse sunset. Made me draw a deep sigh.

    What an awesome family. Love the kids. They bring such a fun dynamic to everything. Just a great family to take you into their home. Gotta love Texans (I know you two are Texans too).

    And I have to say, Nikki, I love me some beef but I swear, EVERYTHING you make always looks amazing. I loooove veggies and fish. Your dishes are always so creative an appealing on a plate!

    I do hope you get to get back to your boat soon but in the meantime, what a blessing to have the generosity of this family. Friends for life…

  • Pat

    Wonderful to watch and sure hoping you can get home soon. We are snowbirds from Canada and so far are unable to go south this year but your adventures make my day. Thanks you two. Pat

  • Richard Sparks

    Love watching and hoping for great news as soon as possible!

  • WC

    Pulling for you guys! Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

  • Laurie coates

    I just know you will see your boat soon, I hope its even sooner than you expect. Cant wait to see the happy faces when you to are back home. Safe travels.

  • Paul Gagne

    Love the video and sharing of a moment in time with a wonderful family. Praying things open up for you to get back on Curiosity soon.


    Thank you for your adventures. God Bless you and keep you! May you get back to your own boat soon. You are my heroes offering assistance to people around you and saving animals and taking all life throws at you in stride and coming through with smiles. Thanks you give me hope.

  • Tammy Bjugson

    Another awesome video as always. Love watching how others do life and the relationships you are forming. What neat friends you have made on this journey. I will be praying that you find your way back to Curiosity soon. Hope you have some good news for us next week. Blessings to all! Thanks for showing up each Sunday and sharing your adventures with us.

  • Ally and Scott -Boating Journey

    Praying that you guys make it home. It’s been almost a year and you will have a big chore ahead of you. Love you guys 🥰🥰

  • dakers

    Nikki when you have time and information let us know how Mark is doing. His comment “take it on the chin” which you referred to in the video has given me a new attitude towards adversity and i can see Mark has inspired you also.

    • Curious Minion

      Mark is great! His scans and tests actually showed some improvement, and Astra Zeneca has responded favorably. We’re waiting for an official statement from them so that we can do an update for everyone, but it’s all good news. Stay tuned!
      Curious Minion

  • Jeanette Brennan

    Great way to spend a day!! Thx for sharing your adventures. Hoping the positive news about returning home continues to grow. You are living a tremendous lifestyle — enjoy every minute. Your next steps will happen when the time is right…Relax and enjoy. 🌈👍💫⛵️💖

  • About Creativity

    Very good.

  • Mary

    What a beautiful dive! It water is so clear and I think I saw 150 feet on your regulator. I’ll have to go back and check that out one more time.

    I’m so hoping that you all get back and that was just not a glimmer of hope. I can’t wait to see the next video, hopefully you’ll have great news!

    I’m about to head out on the lake myself. Wish I knew how to kite board. Maybe one of these days.

    I love that you’ve had the chance to be on board with the family even if it’s not your own family! It looks like you’ve made a good group of new friends!

  • Paul Bartomioli

    Nikki & Jason. This too shall pass. At least you have a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Here in the U.S., we are told there is no light, the tunnel never ends.

    The truly sad part of this whole pandemic, at least in the United States is the message that there is no hope for a better tomorrow. “The new normal,” “Masks will always be worn,” “Social distancing is how we will always gather.” We hear this from politicians and it is echoed by their PR machine, known as American Pravda.

    In the United States, while the illness is real and deadly, there is a significant portion of “leaders” that see it as the perfect opportunity to force their ideology on this country. Countries much less technologically advanced than the US are opening their borders. In this country, there are still many fear-mongers looking to strengthen their dictatorial power, You appear to live in an area of enlightenment. Sadly, that does not describe your native country. We live under what I call Martial Law Lite, no troops or tanks required. Just a politician that issues directives with no basis in fact, just pure political power. I live in CT. We have just been told that the emergency orders are extended until February 2021. ONE YEAR, after being lied to with “14 days to flatten the curve.” Rant over, my apologies.

    I am praying that your news is fantastic. I am also praying that your boat has not suffered too badly from its time in quarantine. Have you had any communication from the boatyard?

  • Carl & Cathie H

    We spent this past week in Florida. Guess what we were doing, based on these videos and those of the Zaharia Crew. We were in Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, and St. Augustine. Saw the insides of 10 boats and 30 boats or so up on the hard.. We learned a lot and might have to adjust our budget a little….

    I hope my wife and I can join you on the blue next year sometime…

  • Erica S.

    Thank you for producing such BEAUTIFUL videos! You put so much work into your editing and I look forward to my Sunday morning escapes with you!

  • Jim Shook

    Hang in there Nikki…😎

  • Michael N Mangold

    That gritty feeling on your teeth is oxalic acid. Sometimes spinach has an excess of this…depends where it it grown,.

    • Roger B

      I always believe things happen for a reason and sometimes it requires a little time before we realize and understand why we were placed in a particular situation. Currently you have friends for enjoying your life.

  • Paul Nelson

    There may be a movie some day about your incredible journey. I hope so. Wishing you to be home!

  • Everett Adams

    Thanks again for your updates and I share the hope for a more familiar life in your sailing home.
    Guys! You’ve done well introducing the crew of Zatara to us. I like the Whitaker family and really enjoyed seeing the kids growing in a healthy environment. Outside of the norm, and very interesting life. Life on board with them has to be an adjustment for you; the fun from my view is seeing how well you all have adapted. Our family, (all boys) were more or less pushed into sailing by a desire to leave the beaten path for kids in school and typical social activities. Kids will provide the best of entertainment and inspiration as the ‘’norm” just doesn’t exist for them as yet.
    Adversity makes a story most of us identify with those put out by the dramatic change. A global ‘pain’ for most and ‘serious threat’ for few, Covid-19 may have earned a place in our memory just by its surprise factor. The more “up” side is that the entire populous is doing their best to deal with the results and the stories are inspirational.
    Making videos of a perfect day may be the aim but how does perfect read? The story related to the Bligh Reef is detailed in a popular book with those in my High School who wanted to sail. “Men against the Sea” is the second installment in the trilogy by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall about the mutiny aboard HMS Bounty. The story from that trilogy grabbed attention of three young men in our senior class who took up sailing as adults.

  • Kitty

    Great video guys! Praying that you make it back to curiosity soon. Miss your guts soooo much.

  • Lisa Bee

    Thank you for another beautiful reminder of gratitude for the simple things. Sending you lots of hope for speedy return to Curiosity!


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