Trying Not To Get My Hopes Up & A Boat Full of Distractions

Trying Not To Get My Hopes Up & A Boat Full of Distractions

Hope is a funny thing, especially when you are afraid to let it in. I typically choose to be an optimistic person, which under normal circumstances is easy enough to do. I let go of my expectations and waltz into the journey with my eyes wide open and my rose-colored glasses firmly in place.

But my desire to be home, and for the world to be pandemic free, has me setting expectations I know I shouldn’t expect.

And that is exactly what has happened this week. We get a phone call that leaves us with uneasy feelings of hope. Luckily, we have a boat full of distractions…or should I say a family full of distractions!

We’ve had a lot of incredible days with the crew of Zatara and I feel like this video sums up what life on board with the Whitaker family is really like. What life on board with a lot of families probably looks like. It’s my favorite so far and I hope you find some joy in it too.

Join us on the stunning Suncoast of Fiji for some boat life fun.


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