Boondocking Pumpkin Carving Contest

Boondocking Pumpkin Carving Contest

Most Halloween parties are all about costumes, drinking, and mischief…and while we had our fair share of all three, this Halloween it was more about the location.

jason as a zombie

We’re wild camping out in the Alabama Hills of California, where there’s hardly a soul to disturb (or is there?).  It’s a famous location for Hollywood filming (lots of westerns) and even home to the “scary” move Tremors.  (That’s right we are now one degree of separation closer to Kevin Bacon)

This week the hills are home to us, our new friends Nina and Paul of Wheeling It and Amanda and Tim of Watsons Wanders.  In advance of our arrival we knew these guys were planning to be in the Alabama Hills so we picked up 6 pumpkins and came up with a plan:  Let’s have a Pumpkin Carving Contest…and we should shoot a video on it…and we should let our viewers (ahem, that’s you) choose the winners!  Of course this conversation was only between us, so when we arrived on Halloween night with pumpkins in hand, dressed as Zombies, and holding our cameras proudly (with a black box of wine) we suddenly realized “what if they don’t want to do this?”  Talk about expectations right!

Thankfully, despite cultural differences our new friends were up for the challenge, and the camera time (yea, notice what a camera hog that Nina is 🙂  we’re thinking we should bring her on as talent full time!).  So now the extreme pressure is off us, and it’s moved into your capable hands…that’s right, you!  After you watch the video, tell us which team you think has the pumpkin knife wielding skills down!


We’re personally torn.  Considering this was only Nina’s second ever carving attempt, her skills were pretty freaking’ sharp.  And then there’s that Tim who managed to carve two cool pumpkins in the time it took the rest of us to finish one (he should seriously consider going pro).  Oh yea and free high fives for those who can guess what Paul’s pumpkin is.

paul of wheeling it and nikkiboondocking halloween

Hope your Halloween was a gas; if you had a killer costume, spent your night alone in the wilderness or had some monstrous tricks and stinky treats, tell us about it in the comments below.