A Day In The Life – Wild and Free Camping

This quote is from one of our favorite movies, Into the Wild, and was one source of inspiration that led us to sell everything and hit the road back in 2010.

Just be out there. Just be out there in it. You know, big mountains, rivers, sky, game. Just be out there in it, you know? In the Wild.

We love being out there, in the wild and so while staying in a campground with lots of amenities and full hookups has its allure; our absolute and favorite type of camping is Boondocking or as we like to say, Wild Camping!  There is nothing better than driving deep into the wild where the views are never ending and the sounds are au nat-ur-el!

Plus, it’s usually free (yep the free camping part is definitely a bonus)!  Sure there are no hook ups (water, electric, cable or sewer), but it doesn’t mean you have to live like a heathen. So, since we can’t take you all Wild Camping with us, we thought we would bring the Wild Camping experience to you.

So, what did you think?  Are you ready to take on the world, unplugged?

The freedom and simple beauty is too good to pass up.

I swear that is the last Into the Wild movie quote I am going to use.  I think you get the idea.

While explaining the true meaning of RVing to non-RVers we often times find ourselves trying to explain how amazing Wild Camping is…and since we’re not wordsmiths we find it difficult to put into words.

If we could bottle up the experience with all its excitement, peace and the amazing sense of self reliance that comes with living off the cord it would convince everyone of you to quit your jobs and head out into the wild. Unfortunately we don’t have those powers (yet) so for now you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Want more on how to find these wild camping spots or the gear we use?  Check out our Off The Grid page: 

If you want to stay in the same spot that we filmed this video, Hog Lake, visit the Fishtrap Lake BLM website for Spokane Washington.

Update!!! We have an all new improved solar set up.  To see our most recent upgrades, check out our Off The Grid page: 

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Mandy

    Hey Guys, what is the model and brand of this Motorhome?

  • Slim Lundeen

    Spoiler Alert?? That’s OK. I always think Ginie looks great with no make up. Just a little bit of lipstick. Thanks for sharing your world.

  • Tiago Ferreira

    Hello Jason and Nikki.
    First of all, thank you for all the great content you produce.
    I found out about you around a year ago and ever since I am an avid follower of your amazing journey. Since I’ve introduced your channel to my girlfriend, we both watch it and I can assure that you are a great example of how to live life!

    I have one small question for you: do you have, by any chance, a link to where I could buy a clock like the one you show one the video from this post, in the wall of the RV? My gf loves it and it would be a rather neat surprise for her. Sorry for bothering you with this question.

    Thanks for your attention. Also, if you ever come to this side of the ocean and come to Portugal, feel free to ask for any tips or such. It would be a pleasure to help as I can.

    Good luck with your new adventure on the water (I bet it is going to be awesome! Keep us updated with looots of videos and such about the boats, etc 😛 )

    Best regarding 🙂

      • Tiago Ferreira

        Hi everyone,
        In my previous comment I asked about the clock you can see on the wall in this video. I searched online for a while and couldn’t find more images or a place selling it. So I put my hands to work and tried to copy it as best as I could. After that I had it cut in acrylic with a laser cutting machine and now she has the clock! I gave it to her in the Christmas of 2016 🙂

        I have the file in .dxf format that I will give (for free, obviously) to anyone who wants it. I’m pretty sure that any shop with a laser cutter or CNC will be able to machine it/cut it for you. This is my e-mail: tg [at] tgferreira [dot] com.

        I know it has been a while since the last comment but if by any chance someone is looking for the same, look no further 🙂

  • Scott Eshleman

    I would find it interesting how your day in the life is now (with the newer RV and solar setup) compared to when this video was made. Have you considered a re-make of this topic? We are close to taking the leap and hitting the road full time and are continuing to try and get our heads around RV power and it’s impact to boondocking life.

    On a side note, we love your blog. The qualify of your videos are outstanding and we enjoy your personalities. Looking forward to a serendipitous meeting on the road some day soon.

    • Scott,
      We are thinking of doing something similar, like a week in the life daily video series on Wild Camping. It’s on our list for 2016 so stay tuned!

  • Ed and Julie

    I’m not sure what happened between the time that you stayed at Fish Trap and this past weekend but upon your suggestion we eagerly wanted to check out Fish Trap and get some cool star pictures. On the way back from Glacier NP we decided to unwind from our run out the door and do everything trip. As usual the Eastern WA side is windy, very windy. Also since it was hot we weren’t sure if we would last even the two nights but we were up for it. What stopped us dead in our tracks and pull up anchor and run was the vast amounts of Cow Pies. You couldn’t step with out trying to dodge one. When the wind died down we gagged. Pulled up anchor and ran to the Freeway. There was a pull off just off the freeway so there is were we stayed the night then headed home. And I didn’t even mention the constant train rolling through every 1/2 hr.
    So sadly I would not recommend Fish Trap BLM. I will be contacting the BLM office in Spokane to complain about the conditions and if its supposed to be for every one it sadly is not.
    Love your videos so keep up the great work. Safe travels.
    Ed and Julie

  • Amber

    Hi Nikki and Jason,

    I love your video! My husband and I are moving from D.C. to the Bay Area and would like to tent camp in the wild on our way. We’ll be driving a 16 foot moving truck and towing a small car, which, I imagine is similar to driving an RV and pulling a car. Do you have any tips about how to find land that permits camping that has easy road access?

    Thank you!

  • Tiffany

    Hey guys, we just started FT Rving in a fifth wheel and are wanting to boondock. How do you go about finding BLMs or free/low cost places to boondock? I notice some say that you need to pick up a free or paid permit, etc. It’s all a little confusing. Also, is it safe to unhook and venture out leaving your RV there or do you stay with your RV? Any tips, advice, and any websites or resources you use would be helpful.

  • Arisa Gold

    That was a hot video. I would like to know what type of motor home you guys have, and does it run on Diesel or Gas? I am looking to buy my first motor home and become a full timer as well. Also I see you have a Nisan leaf as well, I assume you guys pull that to all of your locations.Awesome job you guys.

    Did you guys remodel your motor home? It’s beautiful inside

  • Steven John Champlin

    Hello, my name is Steven. You guys are living my dream and I hope one day to be able to live my dream. I watch your videos I read your blog I go to your FB basically I wish I was your friend lol. The reason I am writing is because I saw your quote at the top of this page and it hit me hard. I watched that movie and it touched me like nothing else in my live. Then I saw you two were influenced by this movie. I am not so mechanically inclined and though I watch your videos over and over I am just not sure if i will ever understand how to use solar. there is so many things you talk about, smart inverters, chargers wattages etc etc but I want to thank you for letting me live my dream through you at this time. I could only wish I could find a partner to share the enjoyment I see you to have. Even if i have to boondock in my old 2007 Dodge Nitro I hope one day to say hello. I’m not scary i promise, you can even google me. steven john champlin i have a FB and everything. I even have an AKA Randy Spears and no i’m not the porn star lol. I just wanted to say hello and thank you and on day i hope go “into the wild”. Sincerely, Steven John Champlin

  • James

    Hey guys! I have a question about boon docking with a residential fridge. I watched the boon docking video and it was with a hybrid LP/elec fridge. With your new RV and residential fridge, have you had to upgrade your battery bank or solar array? I am looking at newer rigs and am questioning if Ill need a hybrid unit or I can get away with the nicer residential bigger units. Thanks and keep up that good work!

    • James,
      Having a residential fridge makes things a little more complicated when boondocking. We definitely use our AutoGen start a lot when we’re camping in the trees. In a dream world we’d have 1,000ah of lithium battery power along with 1,000 watts of solar, in theory that would get us by for 3 full days with limited/no sun.
      If wild camping is your number one priority I’d say go for the hybrid fridge.

  • Brian

    Happy 4th of July

    forgot that in my earlier post, forgive me.

  • Brian

    Security when boondocking or for that matter, anywhere?
    I’m getting ready to hit the road in a few weeks, right after I retire. I would like to do some remote camping similar to what you do. Are you ever concerned about security, or fear for your safety? My best friend is a retired law enformcement officer and thinks I’m crazy if I don’t travel with a handgun. Just wondering what your experience has been and thoughts on the subject.. Thanks

  • Dave

    Hey there. Watching your videos has re-ignited my dream.

  • Darren Martin


    Thanks SO much for your great videos. As a new RV’er, there are so many “dumb” questions that you answer with literally every comment and suggestion. And it’s entertaining as well. My wife & I are very thankful to have found your videos.

    Looking forward to more of your productions,


    • Thanks for saying ‘hi’ Darren, it’s our aim to entertain, educate and inspire…even if it’s through our mistakes 🙂


    Thank you both for inspiring us. Dinner & Drinks on us. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

  • Jen

    I have looked at many a solar site/blog and still couldn’t figure it all out or what we would need. But you broke it down in a way through your various posts that I actually understood!! THANKS! Our family of 7 is about to full time it and I am stoked about boondocking on public land. Your video was AWESOME, also caught your composting toilet video which was equally as great! I learned so much and have been cross checking what things you have(I stop the video every time you feature something new!) with what they cost and where to get them via the internet. I can’t thank you enough. Oh one thing-do you think a composting toilet could handle a family of 7 without having to empty it every 2 hours?? lol Also, what do you do with the liquids and solids then? Just dump it in the woods(or wherever)? I have no idea about these things. Blessings!!

    • Jen,
      If you purchase items online please use the links on our website, they are Amazon Affiliate links and they help us track sales and we get a (very) small ‘advertising’ fee from Amazon (it doesn’t cost you any more money either).

      The composting toilet can be plumbed to divert the liquids directly into your black/grey tank. It will take a little modification but it has been done before.

      We have another video coming out soon that goes over what to do with the waste from the composting toilet, so keep your eye out and subscribe to our newsletter.

      • Jen

        Will definitely do that with the links. I was checking out the batteries and chargers too that you mentioned on the video but didn’t have any links associated with them in the article 😉 Which I also forgot to ask-I was looking up the Smart Battery Charger but didn’t know what amp you guys had? And great to know about diverting the toilet to the the other tanks! Thanks!!

  • Dianne Sedrick

    I’m new to RVing,and your tips have been a huge help…so thank you! You guys are a great team and put out fun educational videos! I have a 25′ class C Fleetwood Searcher with two 6v batteries located in the steps. Can I upgrade to two 12 v batteries for more power,or are they physically too big? Do I have to use the alligator clips for the portable solar;and if so,which battery do you hook it up to? If I am ONLY running the AC and the fridge,can the batteries/ solar handle that? Thanks so much. Dianne Sedrick

    • Welcome to the RV world Dianne! Here’s my answers:
      12V upgrade – It is not likely you can switch to a 12V battery, most of the wiring and the limited size of your battery storage area will not make the switch a simple one. The best thing you can do is add 2 more 6v batteries, or switch to AGM.
      Portable Panel – You can use the alligator clips or you can direct install like we did. There is a specific way to wire (put the positive on one battery and the negative on the other battery) but you’ll want to read the directions in the solar manual before doing anything.
      A/C on Solar – It’s not possible to run your A/C using solar unless you have a giant battery bank, sorry.

      We have a ton of info on our website that you might be interested in seeing, if you haven’t stumbled on it already:

      Hope all this helps you get started.

  • Derek Wilkins

    I’ve followed your travels, and have a couple of questions for you.

    Just finished watching this “Off the Grid” video where you’re parked on BLM land close to Spokane, Washington.

    The portable Water Distiller, what brand do you use? Are there any advantages with your current appliance, and if you were to upgrade, what would be the next purchase?

    The portable solar panels you’re using. How are they connected the RV while charging?

    Thanks so much for you web-site, and wonderful videos. Wish I had more time to watch each and every video, but it’s way past bedtime here in Florida.

    Thanks, Derek

    PS…..yes, I have a Vintage Airstream motorhome, that I’m trying to configure to live off the grid, lol

    • Thanks for stopping by to say hi!
      Here is the Amazon Link to our Distiller, we love it and feel 100% confident recommending it. Only downside it takes 5 hours to make 1 gallon, if you have a family of 4 its going to be running non-stop! H2o Labs Steel Water Distiller

      Portable Solar Panel connects directly to the battery and adds to the rooftop solar. Check out this video we made about the portable kit, it’s super flexible and the best way to start your off-the-cord lifestyle:

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Paula

    Eastern Washington is fantastic in the spring and fall, summer if you don’t mind the heat. I went to college on the ‘eastern side’ and loved it over there. Some good spots for future, above Newport, Sandpoint, is Priest Lake. We went up there twice from school and it was amazing. Beautiful and quiet, fun paddling a canoe, great hiking, etc. Really, you can’t go wrong anywhere up there in both Idaho and WA
    A lot of nice places along the Snake River between Pasco and Lewiston ID; there was a place I no longer remember the name of that was along the Snake and about an hour or so out of Pullman — it actually had a great sandy beach. there are surprisingly other areas on the Snake and Columbia rivers in WA that have lovely sandy beaches.

    Great camping places also on the other side of Lake CDA, away from the town area you saw.

    Eastern WA and Northern ID are an area worth coming back to and spending a month or so. The Yakima valley used to have a Spring Barrel Tasting festival – likely still do – and the wineries are a lot of fun to tour, many do so by bike. The wine is excellent, and the weather will be wonderful — it was always a fun break from rainy Seattle spring to go over the mtns and hit the blue sky and warm weather. There is a lot to see and enjoy, esp remote countryside as it’s not highly populated, except in a few spots.

  • Ruben

    I read a lot of your Blogs and saw y’all have the water filtration unit. You two ever heard of Ecosmarte? I am having that installed in my Travel Trailer and from the results I have seen in a friends home unit, it is awesome! Recycles gray water and purifies any water you put into your holding tanks. If you haven’t already, I would definitely look into it…..they used it in the Apollo Moon Mission.

      • Brendan

        What type of distiller / water purifier do you all currently use? Do you recommend this current model over any others? Any bad experiences with other brands? I’m looking to purchase soon so, do you know of any great places to buy? THANKS!

  • Great Video. Packed with info. Thanks for sharing!

  • LB

    I’ve been enjoying your videos and noticed your outside folding chairs. They look comfortable and I was wondering who made them and where you got them. Great blog and great videos.

    • We had some very nice Zero Gravity Chairs from REI, but they were heavy and bulky. We found the ones in this video at Ikea (summer 2013)…and we love them, very lightweight, they fold compact and are extremely comfortable with the adjustable backs.
      You’ll probably have to wait till summer rolls around again as I’m sure it’s just a seasonal item. 🙁

  • I love your site and your videos and have a couple of questions.

    You say in the video there are only two batteries. Those look pretty tall compared to the golf cart batteries I’ve got in my RV. Are they L16’s?

    In the video, the energy consumption over 24 hours is about 6.5 kWh. With a 600W solar system in full sun ( not on a hazy day ) that seems to me like about 10.5 hours of that full sunlight to make that much power, or about twice what I’ve been told to figure for a good day in full sun.

    I understand that the video is a dramatization, so if the math on daily power output from the solar system doesn’t actually equal what was used is OK with me. Understanding the power used ( I loved how you overlaid the power for each device on the video ) seems like the important part. Can your solar system, which makes about as much power as what I’m considering installing on my RV, actually make 6.5 kWh a day, or would you have to supplement the solar output with generator power to break even on a day like the one in the video?

    • Eric
      The batteries in our Vesta are Interstate UL-16HC flooded batteries. They’re original application is for rechargeable forklifts, not your typical RV battery. “HC” stands for high capacity so each battery has 420 amp hours. Pretty solid batteries for sure. Interstate now has a new product # if you’re interested L16-HCL and we’ve seen them for around $300 from an interstate dealer.

      Our video is filmed to push our system to the limits and demonstrate what can be pulled from our solar and batteries. This type of use is not sustainable. If we pull this much from the batteries in the one day then we’ll need to be frugal with our draws on the following day. If you want to pull as much power as we did in the video on a regular basis you might want to add another solar panel and definitely a couple more batteries (6 would be ideal if you have room).

      Hope this helps get you started.

  • Bobby

    My wife and I just bought a new RV and are planning to do a lot of boondocking in the future. The question that I have is will your solar package run you’re a/c unit, if so how long?

    By the way you have a great website and it has helped me immensely. The potty talk is so funny!!

    • Bobby,
      I have been looking into a DC powered AC, I emailed the company a few days ago. Check it out:
      Not saying it’s going to work with an RV but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  • I came across your web site a few days ago and have really been enjoying everything you’ve written. My partner and I spent the last 10 or so years on a sailboat, sailing full time in the Western Caribbean (Mexico down to Panama and Colombia). It has been quite the adventure but after ten years we decided it was time for some new adventures, two days ago we purchased a 35′ motorhome (Bounder 35K). We’re up here in northern Idaho for the winter and during this time we’ll get the coach set up the way we want.
    On our boat, Bruadair, we had sufficient solar, wind and batteries that we could go months without ever using the engine or generator to charge the batteries, we hope to do the same with our new motorhome. I read that you hadn’t purchased new batteries for your rig yet. When you get your boat next year please keep in mind that while AGM batteries are good and have their place they do not last long on a sailboat due to their charging requirements. They’re okay if you’re on a powerboat or trawler if you’re charging to 100% all the time. We found Trojan T105’s to be very good but our favorite were the Roll’s six volt batteries.

    I’m a retired marine and aviation electronics tech, I had my own business for many years working on boats of all sizes. When you get your boat please don’t hesitate to pick my brain. If I’m in the area I would even be happy to help, I on occasion still take on jobs if it’s convenient though I don’t really charge money anymore, working for food and meeting good folks is much more rewarding.

    So our plan with our motorhome is to do as much boondocking as we can get away with, and travel where the wind (or roads) take us.
    Hope to see you both somewhere down the road,

    D & D

    • Thanks so much for sharing. I’m filing this email in my “research” tab that way I won’t lose it! Trust me, we’ll need all the help we can get when it comes to life on the water!
      We’re very excited to hit the water, but have absolutely no idea of our launch date…gotta sell the RV first…that is the great part about perpetual travel: you set a goal, and if it’s delayed a bit because you’re still having fun, it’s no problem!
      We love our solar setup, but from my research the charging requirements of Lithium or AGM batteries seems a little ridiculous for our lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your insight.
      As for the advice, the road goes both ways, if you need anything RV related please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, we read every comment on our website and will do our best to respond with helpful info…and if we don’t know the answer we’ll find it out!
      Safe travels, and good luck spending winter in the Midwest after living in the tropics for the past 10 years 🙂 Ha.

  • I’ve been considering upgrading my two 85w roof panels to three 100w panels, but seeing your portable panel, and knowing you also have roof panels, I’m wondering how you went about wiring the portable to the batteries. I have been under the impression they all needed to be part of the same system to prevent overcharging. Admittedly, I know almost nothing about electrical systems, so it’s no wonder I’m a little confused. I understand the portable has it’s own controller, but I’m wondering how that works in conjunction with the roof units.

    • It’s extremely simple, there’s a plug you attach to your battery and it feeds the solar directly into the battery. The built in charge controller keeps your batteries from overcharging, and it works in conjunction with your rooftop solar. In my opinion it’s the best for an upgrade because it’s very simple setup, its portable so we can follow the sun throughout the day, and the best part is there’s zero install. You can see a better shot of our connector in this video about our portable kit:

      • Thanks Jason. I pretty much thought the panel would work that way, but it just seemed too simple to be true. There seems to be a dealer in San Francisco so it looks like I may pay them a visit.

  • Ginny

    Love your video and how green you are! Have you thought about a rain collection system? I found another RV blogger that has made one on his truck camper. It made me think of you.

  • Lisa Morton

    Dear Nikki and Jason,
    I was wondering what time of year you were at Fish Trap. I would love to see those lightening storms.

    Thank you and happy travels,

    • Lisa we were out at Fish Trap lake just a month ago in early September! Beautiful time of year to visit Spokane area.

  • Jewel

    Love the video! I also love your dish drainer….do you mind sharing where you got it?

  • Allie T.

    Hi! Dumb Question but…do you think that I can transmogrify your technology for a river cruising barge? My plan is get a talkje from Holland, refit it (pretty much gut it) and RV it, so to speak, all over Europe by river.

    One of my main issues is the toilet, or rather, its tank, as there are not many places to dump. Most folks just do the minimum, i.e. straight into the river but I’d prefer to not go that way, if possible.

    Obviously with a boat weight is always an issue but this kind of boat is meant to carry freight so it is better suited.

    • Allie,
      There’s no dumb questions around here! The short version answer is yes! The composting toilet would allow you to go 2-3 weeks (2 people) without dumping or more. I agree you don’t want to just dump the tanks into the river, that’s just gross.
      Our Solar setup doesn’t weigh much, and our induction plate for cooking is way better than our propane stove.

      Sounds like one helluva’ adventure, let me know if you have any other specific questions about living off the cord.

  • Rick S.

    How often do you need to dispose of the liquid waste from your compost toilet?

    • Rick,
      We empty the liquids every 4-7 days depending on how much we’re around the RV. If you’re wondering about the solids we change every 2-3 weeks. That’s 2 people living full time in the RV. Hope this helps.

  • Don R.

    Hi Jason
    We were at the RV show and enjoyed both presentations.
    This is the Website for the affordable LED lights I told you about.


    • Don,
      Thanks for the site recommendation! If you’re looking for cheap LED’s Don said to check out the link above.

  • H C

    Watched your seminars at the RV Show, Abbotsford and was very impressed with both of you. Great job.

    Was wondering where you got the composting toilet? (loved the video). We live full time in our 5th wheel (with our dog (a Shetland Sheepdog)and think the toilet would be a great addition. We have a good solar system just need another couple of panels. We do a lot of boondocking for 10 – 12 days at a time and haven’t had to use generators but then we were in the southern U.S. so lots of sun.

    • HC,
      We love our toilet…as I’m sure you gathered from our talk at the Snowbird RV show. Ours is a Nature’s Head, the other brand is Air Head, both are available online. Both are supposed to work similarly. The Air Head is a little more expensive but also has a “normal” toilet seat, we didn’t think it was necessary so we saved our money and opted for the Nature’s Head.

  • Wow, that was a treat. I can see adding more batteries for sure. You’ve inspired me to look into solar and to try this boondocking. We just bought our first RV and we’re still getting acquanted. I’d love to be able to go somplace wild (though I would never go into the wild of Alaska unprepared, like the author of your quote, I’ve been to the place where he stayed in Alaska just outside Denali, not a forgiving place) and paint or sew or just explore! Thanks for your amazing website and all the ‘not seen’ work you do to put it together!

    • Thanks for taking the time to send this, if you need any help or advice on your first wild camping trip please don’t hesitate to ask. In our opinion, Wild Camping is the ultimate way to enjoy your RV.

  • Pam

    Really enjoyed this video. Just got back from Lake Tahoe and remembered you did a clip on Nevada City. Based on your clip, we decided to give this town a visit as well. Enjoyed the town and its history. One question I have is about your cats. Do they always stay close to you? Do you have to worry about them straying or taking flight from something that scares them. I know I could never let my cat out like this. Really awesome cats and awesome pet owners. Anyway….love keeping up with your travels.

    • Glad you had the opportunity to visit Nevada City, it’s a pretty cool spot.
      We trust our cats and have always taken them on walks. They understand that the RV is their home, and when they are close to the RV and something scares them they run inside. If we’re on a long hike and something scares them they will typically seek out a safe spot, and when it’s calm we will call for them and they’ll come running. We haven’t done any special training with them, they just naturally adjusted. Best thing I can say is try and teach your cat to walk on a leash, the worst thing is if your cat wants to go outside it will eventually escape from your RV and that’s when you’ll find out the hard way if your cat will return or not. Check out our post on traveling cats:

  • Ken Conley

    Nikki, who are you trying to kid, you are beautiful with or without makeup!
    I must say I have never watched a 10 minute video before, but your videos are always fun, informative, and well made, keep up the good work (and I hope you are out of the snowy areas).

  • Yep That was your best video to date. Clearly you next job is to upgrade your battery system….Keep up the good work.. 🙂

    • Thanks Mark, if we want to keep pulling that much power we gotta invest in more batteries…or we could just use less and save a few grand 🙂 ha.

  • Daniel

    As an alternative to the countertop distiller:

  • Excellent video and peak into your life! I learn so much from you guys – thanks!

    • our pleasure, thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. We’ll try and keep the fun information coming!

  • Loved watching this one y’all. Honestly, it’s pretty crazy how much goes into it all. You guys rock our world!!

      • You never know…. We’re still just flying by the seat of our pants. Hope to meet up with you guys again sometime soon. Cheers!

  • Ken Barney

    Boondocking is my fav and you two have it down and wow the food it just made me hungry watchin all that being cooked. I guess it is lunch time. BTW you are really makin me want to hit the road you two are so creative with your productions
    Keep up the good work.

    • Ken we hope to see you on the road one day soon…and maybe break bread together.

  • Cathy

    I am so impressed. Didn’t know all of those solar gadgets even existed. Way too cool. I didn’t see your other cat. Was she camera shy?

    Keep the video’s coming. So fun to watch you both experience LIFE.

    • Cathy,
      Cleo is our other cat and you can see her a few times during the video…watch it again and really keep your eye out cause she’s there.

      • Funny, I was going to ask abut her, too. I thought I saw 2 cats at one time but wasn’t sure. Really great video. You guys do a great job of balancing your life so that it all works out for you.

        • We love our life on the road, thanks for watching and saying hi!

  • Rick

    Great video guys!
    Really, really enjoyed your sharing “a day in the life” with us.

    As for batteries – I am surprised you are only working with 2 lead-acid batteries . With all you solar advancements I guess I just expected you to have more electrical storage. But then – I just read through the great series on RV battery systems, and on Lithium Ion batteries in particular, by your friend Chris at technomadia, and it’s not an easy – or inexpensive solution. But it sure sounds like the way to go if the $$ work.

    But thanks again for sharing a more intimate look at your lifestyle. Great video!!

    • Rick,
      You have to start somewhere, so we started with the solar and will eventually switch or add to our battery bank.
      Thanks for the comments.

  • mary

    I loved the video! It was so much fun to watch how you all have ALL the conveniences and appliances I long for. The best part is no neighbors. Have fun and enjoy!

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    Just caught your tv morning show. very well done. Nikki you were made for TV.Hope to catch up with you at the rv show.

  • Hey, fun to see inside your very personal 24 hours! I didn’t even notice the no make up either.
    What’s your average amount of days out wild camping?

    Cheers guys. Great production.

    • We typically do 3-4 days but we’ve done 9 days before no problem 🙂

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    Great video, really educational. You guys rock!


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    You said in this last video that you could us more batteries. Have you considered lithium, we are going to need new batteries soon and I have been checking into lithium. If you have been checking into them what your take?

    • Kathy,
      Lithium is the future…and the future is expensive 🙂 We’re on the same page, when we finally upgrade I think we’ll go Lithium too.

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    How much did your current system cost?

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  • Debbie

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    Also your font was amazing! What is it! I want to buy it for my work!!!! Jealous!

    We just put in some brand new AGM batteries so solar is going to be next. Also great idea about the water maker. I read about it for boats – never thought to just go get one!!!


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