Walla Walla – The Town So Nice, They Named It Twice

Walla Walla, Washington is the town so nice they named it twice! If you are in the state of Washington, you have to make a stop to the Friendliest Town In America!

The people are incredibly welcoming and the entertainment just keeps going. There’s everything from high-end restaurants, wineries and theater to BMX tracks and skate parks. It is a culturally diverse small town with happy faces everywhere you go.

“Wineing” is a common thing in this town and with so many vineyards (and still growing) you can see why. You could visit a vineyard a week and still not see them all in a year! If wine tours is not your thing but the drinking part is, no worries they have plenty of cellars, cafe’s and fine dining to wet your palate!

If the parks, wineries and outdoor activities haven’t kept you entertained, then you can always sit under the stars and watch Broadway unfold at the amphitheater. Summer musicals are a big hit and if you plan on visiting, make sure to grab tickets. It will be a highlight of your trip! I know my cheeks hurt from all the giggling.

Have you been to Walla Walla?  Did you love this little town as much as we did?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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