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Going International…Walking across the Border to Mexicali

While traveling so close to an international border, you can’t help but wonder what lies on the other side.  Why wonder when you can nip the curiosity in the bud and just go check it out!  That is precisely what we did while in Calexico, California.

We parked Windy in a safe spot and hoofed it across the border.  That’s right, we walked and we highly recommend it!  Taxis in the city are easy to come by and you don’t have to worry about overpriced rides, that’s mostly in tourist towns.

 Mexicali is an industrial driven city and if you don’t have a plan, you might not find much to do. There are a few historical buildings spread out around town and a couple of unique spots to explore.  Most of the locals don’t speak English which can be an additional road block.  If you ask them what they do for fun well, they go elsewhere. Just a few hours away are the mountains and the ocean, which is where I would suggest you go if you are planning a trip.

The traffic lines for cars to get out of Mexico can be crazy! Not only are you stuck for hours but the street vendors (aka harassers) can be a bit much. You can end up spending your last pesos on china made trinkets and spicy candy.  As if all of that isn’t enough, one guy even tried to sell me a puppy!  Luckily on foot, it’s easier to turn them down and you don’t have to wait in line to get back to the good ol’ USA.

If you are thinking of making a run to the border, spend a day in Mexicali but continue your journey south. Have fun, be safe and don’t forget to buy your Mexican insurance before you cross the border.

Let the adventure begin…

Have you ever walked over to another country? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

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  • Ben Nieves

    I live in California and want to see Mexicali. I should be receiving my US Passport soon. Where is the safe place to park my car in Calexico so I can walk across the border. I know your video is a few years old but is it safe to go over there now in 2016 in your opinion? I have been traveling around SoCal alone i don’t have a travel companion yet & a little scared to go over to Mexico alone.

      • Ben Nieves

        Thank you Jason! By the way I love your video’s and maybe I will get to bump into you both one day. Thank you for making the videos for the world to watch. They are really entertaining.

  • kuddos

    The description of the video made me think you were crossing to a nazi-controlled-getto, and that’s the way a lot of people on the US side thinks. And is not, A lot of people talk English, a lot. I’m from Mexicali and I work in El Centro, like so many people, there’s long lines in the morning from 2 to 4 hrs to cross to the US to work, and to cross back to Mexicali at night.

    There’s lots of things to do in Mexicali, specially at night, people from Calexico and El Centro go to Mexicali every night to party, I know, I’ve seen them, I’ve lived in both cities, there’s a lot clubs and restaurants, that Chinese one you entered, is just one of many many Chinese restaurant, Mexicali is well known for it’s Chinese food nationwide. There is some museums and they’re pretty nice, galleries and lots of open places for art.

    Even though you missed a lot of things, I think your video is pretty good.


    • Hey, thanks for watching and I’m glad you thought we covered a decent amount for just one day. Next time we’re in town, we’ll have to look you up!

  • Mary

    I don’t think I will put that one on the bucket list! The art meuseum looked pretty cool though.

  • brandon

    People in Mexicali/Calexico must really love tecate considering the number of signs on the stadium haha

  • You guys are having so much fun! I know Calexico/Mexicali very well … I took a couple of college trips, by train, to Mazatlan starting in Mexicali. Oh those were the days! ~Beth


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