Don’t F**** With The Locals – Carnival Road Trip In Ecuador

Our Ecuador road trip continues and it’s Carnival!  In short, Carnival is a Catholic holiday filled with parades, parties and general rebellion before lent.  So, we take the long route from Tulcan to Quito and find an array of art, oddities and festivities along the way.  We make it to Quito for the last big day of Carnival, and that is where the real rebellion begins!

It was a foamin’ good time!  Hopefully it wasn’t too Blair Witch Project with all the running and guerilla warfare.  I’m not sure if it was the overall vibe of the festivities, the family affair of it (seriously, those kids were over the top fun) or sharing the experience with friends, but that was the most fun I’ve had in a while.  And I like to think I know a thing or two about fun.

Carnival aside, to say this region of Ecuador is beautiful would be an understatement.  It’s lush, rugged, colorful and the people have been warm and welcoming.  We’re only at the beginning of the road trip and already I’m smitten with this country.

Big love and thanks to our friends Taylor and Stephen of Skeleton Crew Sailing for joining us.  The day wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. is where you can get to know more about these two crazy dudes and watch their adventures.  In short, they’re on an epic mission to tame cape horn inspired by the non-profit Mission 22 (spread awareness of veteran suicide).  Their story so far is incredible, their cause is noble, and we feel honored to call them friends.  Our adventures together aren’t over, we’ll be seeing more of these two.

Sailing Road Trip Report – Tulcan to Quito

To see our full map with interactive pins, click here:

Ecuador Road Trip

  • Dates – February 11 – 12, 2018
  • Road Miles Traveled – 158
  • Rental Car – $29 per day.  We rented a car in Manta because it was half the price of renting in Bahia. (where our boat is anchored).

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  • Michael

    One of your very best. Thanks.

  • Brian

    LOVE IT !! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  • Jeannie

    Always enjoy your videos. Happy sailing.

  • cindy

    who got to shower first???

  • Bernard Schaer

    Wow! What fun you guys! When I was backpacking in 1979/1980 I was on the Columbian boarder, entering Ecuador around Carnival. No spray bottles back then but water-filled balloons being thrown at everybody, sometimes even bucket loads!!

  • Robert Wolfe

    Love the video! Been watching for a while. All the way back to the Motorhome. My wife and I are near 70 and love Camping.
    Ya’ll are the greatest, Thanks.

  • I finally got it to open and it was great , looks like you all are having a fantastic time , one of these days we may meet up ?

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi There,
    Memorial Day Eve. Just watched your video. I had no problem tuning in.
    Thanks for sharing. I was laughing at the fun you were having.
    Happy trails, safe boating.

  • Sanford Simmons

    You two are the BEST thing on our big screen TV. Back to adventures with Gone with the Wynns.

  • David lee

    Great video. Loaded first time.

  • mary

    That looked like a fun time!! No Carnival, you made your own celebration.

    Glad we all got to catch back up with Sunday video day.


    Love to see you having such fun with friends. Especially when you got into foam fights with the little kids.

  • Roger B

    The video worked for me. What is in the can? Looks like Cool Whip. Fun video. Thanks for taking the shots and sharing your fun with us.

  • Ally Bennion

    I can see the video and Quito look like so much fun!

    My whole family likes to watch your videos on Sundays! We have been traveling in an RV for four years and love to follow your adventures. It is super neat to now see you guys crossing oceans!

    Safe travels!

  • christine hollander

    Great video. I have been following you through your RV travels and now through this adventure. What a life. Keep it up.

  • Ward

    Video available and AWESOME! Thanks for the wide smile on my face ??

  • Corinne

    Hey everyone…the video is there now! It probably just took a while to upload it with their super slow Internet in French Polynesia.

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    Try again, y’all…I had no problem. Maybe it wasn’t fully loaded? Don’t know…but I got in on first click.

  • Heather Stewart

    OMG, that looked like so much fun! Crazy, but hysterical & fun! And all the art stops, love it!!

  • mary vancompernolle

    I know their internet is really sketchy, it probably has something to do with the video not loading. I was really looking forward to seeing their happy faces and hearing their story. I guess we have to wait a little longer. 🙁 Mom

  • Tom

    Video won’t open.

  • Janet Wagnon

    Says the video is not available. ?

  • Raymond Story

    Hi There,
    I’ve been following you since the beginning. My wife was diagnosed with dementia at age 57.
    I purchased a Airstream motor home and we went on a 2 1/2 month Caravan with 29 other Airstreamers. You both inspired me to have the confidence to. DO IT. We had a great time and I have wonderful memories and no regrets. She passed away a year after our adventure. Thank you
    for sharing your advice, suggestions and most of all your enthusiastic SPIRIT.
    Kind Regards,
    Raymond Story
    I prayed for your safety as you were cross the ocean.

  • Rich Quigley

    Video says it’s Unavailable. Sorry to be a pain. I also looked on your Youtube page and it isn’t there.

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    I couldn’t get your video to open ? the Don’t F*%$ one .

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    I absolutely love following you on your journeys. For the first time ever, when I went to watch your latest video, I was told it is unavailable. Any idea as to why? :-(((((

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