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Coming Aboard S/V Curiosity – What You Need to Know

Inviting guests aboard our sailboat is nothing like inviting them to a sticks and bricks home.  At a house most people generally understand how everything works and can make themselves comfortable.  Life on a boat is a different world with all kinds of systems that need to be explained.

Something as seemingly simple as showering or using the toilet requires its own orientation and training.  Yes, nothing sets the tone for an adventure like a full-on toilet training.

It’s a lot to think about and cover but, if we do a good job of setting realistic expectations all should be grand.  At least that’s what we’re hoping for.

Traveling and living on a sailboat is an incredible experience and we’re crazy excited to share it with others.  (We announce crew opportunities to our Patreons first)

There is a big difference between inviting people on as crew and having paying guests as a charter. We are not and will not be chartering.  For us this is about sharing the adventure, meeting people and making lifelong friends.

Why are we telling you all of this?  Because maybe you want to come aboard, you have a sailing friend you’ll be joining or have a boat and are thinking about inviting people on.  Whatever the case, we can all learn from and help each other.

What You Need To Know

Without further ado, here is our What You Need To Know letter.  If you think of something we should add, let us know.


Dear soon-to-be Curiosity Crew,

We are so very excited to have you come and stay with us aboard S/V Curiosity.  We love sharing our lifestyle and floating home!  But our lifestyle and home is very different from the norm, so I want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into here.  And, you know us…we’re very particular about the way we like things. 

Please know this is not us trying to scare you out of coming, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have extended the invitation. We really, really want you to come join us, but we also want to make sure we all like each other when you leave.

So, we feel brutal honesty is the best way to go here.  We have gone through a bit of a brain dump trying to give you the full scoop.   Look it all over and then we can talk about any concerns you may have.  If all looks good, we’ll see you soon!

The Captain Rules

Jason and I are the acting captains of our ship and the captain always gets the final say.  Period.  We are liable for our vessel.  It’s a great responsibility and one we take seriously.

We’re Off The Grid Yo!

We have limited resources that we carefully manage.  The sun provides our electricity and it doesn’t shine all the time. You must be cautious about using anything that requires electricity and ask before using it (i.e. hair dryer, flat iron, chargers).

We turn sea water into drinking water and that is no small feat.  We take quick (sometimes room temp) showers, use minimal water when washing dishes and brush our teeth using sea water…just kidding.  We use water but do so thoughtfully.  However, if we see you leave the faucet running while brushing your teeth, we really will make you use sea water.

Don’t be trashy.  We hold onto every piece of trash, load it up in the dinghy and then find somewhere to properly dispose of it once we hit land.  The goal is to try and create as little trash as possible.  We use very few paper towels (as in one roll a year) and avoid buying things with lots of packaging or discard of the packaging before bringing it to the boat.  This way of thinking is also super helpful for shrinking our carbon footprint.  So, its two birds one stone!

Floating Foodies

We’re completely comfortable admitting that we are food snobs.  We cook 90% of our meals on board and love to make a big event out of it.   We’ll provision and plan meals together but just in case you didn’t already know, we are vegetarians.  If you want to get specific, we’re pesca-ovo-laco vegetarians. That is fancy speak for we eat a diet that consists of fruits, veggies, dairy products, eggs, and fish. We do not eat any meat.  We’re 100% cool with you eating meat and having deli meat in the fridge. But don’t expect to be cooking any bacon (or other high grease meats) on board, you’ll have to save those hankerings for when we get to land.

Potty Talk

Toilets are called heads on a boat…and they aren’t like most.  We really hate typical marine toilets and holding tanks so we took it a step further and installed composting toilets.  They are very different from what you are probably used.  Good news is, they are simple to use, don’t smell and don’t use any water.  We’ll go over it all in person but you can see what they are and how they work here:

Expectations are Evil

Expectations and schedules are a joy killer.  If you come with an open mind, prepared for anything, we will have a great time!

Your cabin will sometimes feel cramped and your personal space will be small. Sometimes it’s hot, wet, cold or all around miserable weather.  Other times it’s like something out of a dream, with perfect clear blue skies and water.  Think of it like camping on the sea with a really, really nice tent.

Being cooped up in a small space will cause us at some point to get irritated with each other.  There will also be indescribable moments of connection and bonding.  No matter what, at the end of the journey, we will have stories worthy of sharing for years to come.

The Best Things in Life are Free

We typically stay at anchor because it’s free, offers the most privacy and is usually the most scenic. Your lovely cabin room complete with ocean view is provided by us.  A lot of our entertainment and adventures will be based around nature and also free.

Let’s Talk Money

Prepare to go dutch.  Some people love to take paid tours and excursions, others not so much.  Some people don’t drink while others like to test their liver capacity daily.  Most of our meals are cooked on board and we’ll shop and spit the costs because that makes it cheaper for everyone. To give you an idea, we currently give ourselves a budget of $10 per day per person.

We Speak Mariner

It is important you know some of the boat lingo basics before you come aboard.  It’s for safety reasons and cool factor (we want you to look and feel like a nautical pro).  Familiarize yourself with the following terms and know what they mean.  There won’t be a pop quiz or anything, it’s just good to know.

  • Port/starboard
  • Fender
  • Galley, Salon, Cockpit, Cabin, Head
  • Forward/Aft
  • Bow/Stern

Bonus points and special treats if you know how to tie these two knots by the time you come aboard: Bowline, Clove Hitch.

Smoked Fish is Awesome, Smoking on our Boat is Not

There is no smoking on board.  You’ll have to go to land or be willing to risk burning a hole in your floatie while you wade in the ocean.  Not that I think we will have a problem but I still feel it’s important to say: do not bring any illegal drugs on board.  As the boat owners, we are responsible for anything on board and we would be the ones in trouble. Having our boat seized for drugs would completely ruin your trip in all aspects.

Last, But Certainly Not Least…

We’re going sailing!  Whoop whoop! There will be wind, water, swimming, diving, fishing and you will get wet.  Make sure to read over our sailboat packing list so you don’t forget anything important or bring more than you need.

See you on the water,

Nikki (Jason, Singa and Cleo too)

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • don lobo

    hola! wondering how you provision and maintain adequate stock of fruits & veggies and how hard it is to find the veggies that you desire. my partner and I eat the same diet as you guys, except little to zero dairy. we’re on the verge of buying a boat and getting started cruising, hopefully experiencing the joys of the big blue much like y’all and I’ve been wondering about the veggie options in the south pacific. and… my lovely and cheerful wife is an AMAZING massage therapist and energy worker and I am a certified kite instructor, so if we could join you for a bit she would give your bodies a serious tuneup and I can teach you guys to kiteboard, if you’re interested. (I’d bring all the latest gear) also, I love to cook tasty vegetarian meals, sometimes with a fresh slab of grilled fish on top, slathered in red coconut curry sauce. (I used to have a restaurant in Telluride, CO) Have fun in Fiji until you can get back to your cat in Tonga!

  • James Dillon

    Hey Guys. I have followed your blog for the past few months! Incredibly awesome footage and your work ethic is quite impressive. I am a Canadian from the incredible Bluewater Country, Sarnia, Ontario Canada, A great lake city! I have travelled the world, love to sail and have a hankering for adventure! 60 years old, but still nimble and able. Would love to be considered for part of the crew for a 4 week gig. I am a great cook and make a hell of a martini. Lets do it and enjoy what life has to offer. Wishing you safe travels and a safe and healthy adventure. Take care and continue to be aware, refreshing and damn cool. REGARDS Jamie

  • Jake

    We are pretty much the same except for th vegetarian part and the Pippy Longstocking part (thank god). Have a snake too.

  • I trust you folks are boning up on Maritime Law; it is quite specific about the Captain”s responsibilities/ liabilities of how they interact with people who are allowed on board and exactly what is expected of those “guests”. From a case study I came across the other day, that ended up in court with the captain/owners trying to limit their liability to the value of their vessel, (which the court did not allow). People can be sue happy. Not pretty!

  • Do you guys ever use that generator?

    • Curious Minion

      The RO watermaker is too much for the batteries so it has to run then. Not too much otherwise.

  • Beautiful catamaran, which year was it made? How did the Lagoons compare as far as your main reason for buying her, “livability”?

  • Connie

    I just love you guys!! I can tell who knows ya and who doesn’t….so funny! Eye rolls and all that ….big hugs!

  • Dennis

    You both are soooo informative & have such great personalities. I love all of your adventures (and headaches!) I’d LOVE to goin as 1 of your crew. I’d gladly leave where I am! I have an education, experience, am polite, respectful, etc)… Tell me when, where & how much $ i should have and I’ll be there!!!!!! Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Nikki and Jason, love all the information you share. We were curious (no pun intended) what software program you use for routing. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you!

  • I really admire you two gearing up to invite crew aboard, especially those you might not have known previously. It has such potential to be a wonderful experience with the right people – but also potential to go so very.. uncomfortable.

    Looking forward to following along.. from our boat to yours 🙂

  • Catherine Albright

    What about Sneaking in kitty ?treats? I’m smuggling catnip and kitty toys for Singa and Cleo!! I don’t care if they try to make me confess!!!!! LOL!

  • Tamara

    Okay, so my husband got me hooked on watching you guys on YouTube. It’s Saturday night and we’ve watched you for 4 hours. Omg… I guess we are vicariously exploring the world and its beauty through your eyes. Thanks for the adventure!

  • You guys make me feel like I standing still. What a great life you’ve chosen. May all your good luck be ahead of you.

  • David

    Team Curiosity!
    Count us in amongst your new crew mates. My wife and I would love to come join you. Let us know when you’re ready to start scheduling and what other costs we can expect.
    Dave and Debbie

  • You guys are so funny! Sincere thanks for sharing your adventures and dreams and honesty and lives. I love reading your blog and watching your videos.

  • Shannon Witt

    I… to enjoy your weekly updates, I started following you during your RV adventures! Making family plans to enjoy an exciting adventure with our first purchase of an RV… I live in S Florida…..and was excited to see you were shaking it ALL UP…and moving to the seas..good luck..may the sun ALWAYS shine at your back..and may God keep you Jason Senga and Cleo safe..????????

  • David and Nancy Thatcher

    I’ve followed the 2 of you from the beginning and think it’s cool what you have been able to achieve. I also follow another sailing crew called the SV Delos, you should check them out. Keep living your lives to the fullest. Our you not afraid by bringing strangers onto your boat that it’s going to get a little weird when it comes to your own privacy. Like inviting a friend over but looking forwards to their departure.

  • James

    I would add one more rope knot, A rolling hitch. (I can tie a bowline in one second). With the running end in your left hand cross it OVER the standing end in your right and twist to form the loop. The running end should then be in the loop, then just finish it off. Try it sometime.

  • Wally

    I can’t express how deeply I envy and admire what you two have done and are doing. As a dedicated hiker, what really hit home was .”.. like camping on the sea with a really nice tent” … while having found a way to get the excursion paid for.

    Similar to words on the trucker mud flaps … Keep on cruisin’

  • Sharon H

    How awesome & selfless to open your “house” to others wanting to know what it’s like to live on a boat! Good luck with your new crew!

  • Dale

    Oh my gosh! This announcement just made my day =) My boyfriend and I watch ALL of your sailing videos, and have been saving up to get a sailboat of our own. As landlubber’s living in the middle of Canada, we don’t have many opportunities to learn about sailing, or to get out to sea! We are looking forward to the next announcement of this adventure, and would be thrilled to work our butts off as members of the crew! This would be such a great learning opportunity for when we set off on our own to sail!

  • michael robinson

    nikki jason and cats, you are my boating heros, the fortwith attitude and accomplishments of your adventourous spirit is what has kept me watching your progress since your new water experience began. your proof of application over fear or not knowing has reminded me of the joys of gonna make this happen, and it has… my joy some day soon and hope, is to take my journey to the sea’s. when the time comes i would love to learn from you both.. i did race sail boats on lake erie from 13-19 years of age some 40 years ago which for sure is only a small preperation for sea life…blessings as you journey, go some what slow but for sure seems,to be the winning ticket…michael

  • Fred Eversole

    After reading these Comments and the ones on FaceBook, I wonder if you may need to be more direct as to what you are seeking. So many comments re: Guests. As in almost expecting to be on a small cruise ship. You’re looking for ‘Crew,’ not ‘guests.’ Granted, the ones you settle on will understand this, but it sure sounds as if so many are expecting ‘day sailing’ and playing with the kitties. These folks need to under that they will be WORKING and at sea for extended periods. On the other channels, it is clear that two to three weeks at sea on a passage can be wearing on even experienced sailors. As to the money, that is to represent their share of food and toilet paper and similar expendable supplies not ‘wear and tear’ on your boat. They won’t be paying to be onboard your boat but, rather, effectively paying for what they will be using. You two are likely on top of this, but sitting here in my La-Z-Boy, it seems as if so many don’t understand what they may be entering. It would be a greatly enjoyable time, but it isn’t a vacation. Maybe a Working Vacation. Best of luck. I am enjoying watching y’all become cruisers.

  • I don’t have any experience with boating, but having hosted lots of people in the RV over the years (including family from abroad) I can add a few items that might be useful:
    1/ Travel and health insurance is really, really important for those coming aboard. Emergency evacuation insurance is cheap if you buy it beforehand.
    2/ Appropriate Visas and paperwork anywhere you go is key, of course.
    3/ We have pets and they rule the roost, so we have pet rules (e.g. Never leave the front door open) and can’t host anyone with pet allergies. We don’t lock our pets away for guests.

    You could always have potential guests send in a short video intro to you? Just an idea to get a feel for their personalities and how well you think they’ll mesh in the crew. Can’t wait to follow all your guest adventures!


  • David Pearce

    What a wonderfully written letter, I read it like it came in an email getting me ready for our trip to visit you. I enjoyed the few minutes of excitement until I remembered that it was sent to everyone , oh well. If you are ever back in the Portland Oregon area, I would love to just join you for Dinner and a POL Veg dinner cooked on board. I’ll Bring a Salmon, Several bottles of Oregon’s finest wines. It would be a great dining experience and worth every penny, thanks for sharing your adventures!

  • Jess

    My husband and I are so excited to see that you are extending a welcome to your many viewers. We’ve been following you since you started looking for a boat and love that you’ve shown us the whole experience as we hope to do something similar one day. We’re taking our first sailing lessons this summer and hope we’ll get to join you someday!

    Also, FYI I noticed a typo in your letter when talking about sharing the cost for food. You said “we’ll spit the cost”

  • Mari

    Oh I can’t wait to learn how I can come aboard with you! My dream is for my house to be a boat (they’re about the same price in Norway anyway), and traveling all around the world! Or just the mediterranean. Or wherever the winds take me 🙂 I bought a sailboat this summer with the intention of sailing the world, but things came up and it only lasted two months. I really really did get smitten though, and I would love to try sailing more to see if it really is for me 🙂 You guys are currently my favourite YouTubers for sailing, or just feel-good in general 🙂

  • We would love to come aboard, but are heading to the Alps soon, just for a couple of weeks in our lovely “Dorinda” (Brazilian T2 camper)
    I am a great cook by the way and Jan is a great person so we would all click…Only sailed a few times on the Irish Sea and Around parts of Scotland a long time ago..always dreamed of getting a Yacht. Dreamed of a T2 as well and hey ho have who knows
    Consider us around Xmas maybe?
    p.s Jan is awesome at spelling & grammar and I am a qualified sUAV pilot

  • David Beaumont

    Hi Nikki, awesome job on the whole concept. As a Commercially certifed captain (aka master) of my own boat I have experienced hosting guests with little concept of safety and/or the need for all to pitch in and do the work.

    So setting your expectations for crew upfront is excellent.

    My experience is that the honeymoon is over by around day 5 with a new crew. By then you will know if it’s going to be easy and enjoyable or a grind. Try to factor in an escape plan so by day 7 you can part ways if need be.

    My suggestions for the letter are:

    As master of the vessel you are responsible for the souls on board….. it’s age old maritime law. so modify the sentence about being captain and having liability for the vessel, its true, however, people come first.

    In the food section cover off on people bringing their own hunting gear. Are you ok with spearguns and Hawaiian spears. I suggest your visitors discuss this with you beforehand and if experienced then it’s ok, but still do a safety verification when on board. Also suggest you provide guidance on local regulations in your letter. I know these change a lot from region to region. I have even had issues at Customs with bringing my dive knives through – now I travel with cheap ones I don’t mind having to leave behind.

    Water use is always a major issue, which you have covered off nicely.

    I would require your guests have their own travel insurance to cover emergency medical events at a minimum. Here in Australia it’s very inexpensive compared to the potential emergency costs of being helicoptered out from some remote island. Even when My brother came to Indonesia with me, his insurance was still quite reasonable considering.

    Hope to catch up with you one day.

    David B

  • Omer

    High, my name is Omer. I’m interested in learning how to sail .my goal is to purchase this 46 foot Hylas sailing vessel called Victory. My short term goal is to get ready and sail to Japan for the Olympics.

  • Elizabeth Watkins

    From experience, make sure your guests know that showers are fast and occasional and doing dishes with 1 gallon of water or less is a must and don’t worry about how your hair looks YOUR ON A BOAT!

  • Brad

    You’re off to a good start. As a more “mature” skipper, I prepared something similar even for day guests which included the admonishment of “no discussing your divorce, stock market losses, real estate portfolio, your kids in jail or rehab, your health issues or those of your friends or relatives.” Maybe something along these lines geared more to your age bracket.

  • Thomas F

    I know little to nothing about vegetarianism, so pardon my ignorance. But how is fish not meat?

    I bet the fish would argue that he is!

    Safe sailing!

  • Robert Wright

    Sounds wonderful to share an adventure on the seas. What are your fees and the lengths of time.. What are the pick-up / drop off locations, Single or Double, Is there an age limit.. I am a single father/grandfather. I would love to share an adventure with him.. Thanks

  • So… you are doing this to make money right? Do you have a cost per night, per week?
    I would LOVE to hang out with you guys. Also to unplug, relax peace and quiet. Oh and play with the kitty’s.

  • AK D&R

    We “found you” online when you were in our beautiful state (Alaska). Loved watching your journey from land to sea. Tempted to book a trip with you!!!!

  • Allie

    Excellent – I’ve been hoping since this adventure began that charter crewing would eventually be an option! I know boats are exponentially more complex than RVs, but I’m the same way about my RV. Surprising the people who ask to borrow/rent it from me and, just no. It’s different than a house and I want the systems managed in the best way possible. 🙂

  • KC and Lisa Armstrong

    I feel that you have laid out good guielines for one and all. I also feel there should be few surprises.
    We’ve owned a Hobie 16 for over 20 years.
    We will be hoping to own a passage making catamaran soon. We have looked at charters but have been busy with work lately so no follow through. We want to try out the life before buying a cat.

  • Deborah Kerr

    Very smart plan!! Maybe you could choose a couple who want to see if sailing is for them, and he fishes and she cooks it (or vice versa)!! Then you can exchange some tips and it’s a win-win for all!!

  • What an awesome learning opportunity for my home/roadschooled daughter! She is responsible, mature, inquisitive, independent, self-confident and hard working. BTW, she turned 18 last December. We’ve been traveling for 4.5 years – just she and I (and our fur-babies, of course) – and we’ve hit every every state (except Iowa!?), including AK and Breanna’s been to Hawaii.

    I would LOVE this opportunity for her! (I would be ‘home’ somewhere taking care of said fur-babies.) You, and all others, may check us out at CBreaze OnTheRoad facebook page. Also, she has a blog (slow on blogging lately as we are sticking around one town – Lake Havasu City, AZ – while she is working 30 hrs/wk at the local movie theater for a few more weeks) which is Breanna could, also, get you guys set with some machine washable ‘rag’ rugs (with the anti-slip stuff, included!) she could make during some ‘down time’ on the boat!

    So, where would she meet up with ya’ll? I’ll get her ticket now!

  • Lucille Hjort

    It sounds nice and it is nice that you set down the ground rules. I am pretty easy going, but extreme heat,
    does bother me, and I am not a swimmer so going into the water is not something that I would even envy,
    but watching others and waiting would be fine with me. Sure is something to think about. I would like to
    what clothing is necessary for a non swimmer, etc.

  • I second the vetting video Nikki. Make it like a Survivor audition. lol.

  • Ari

    You two are really made for this. You bring something special into your adventures and the people around you. Your letter is very thorough and well written. I might add lingo around rope/lines to the Mariner section.

  • debinvenice

    “If you’re allergic to cats be sure to bring your meds!”
    I am allergic to cats so I’ll just live vicariously through everyone else on board. I’m loving the ride from dry(ish) land!

  • Ok, I read your checklist… Jason and I will come work for you now and learn how to edit videos. 🙂

  • Cheryl Korson

    Dear Nikki and Jason! My husband, Steven, and I have been following you forever, since before you even embarked on the Curiosity adventure! We have a similar dream, but are starting it much later than you two have. We are in our 50’s, and my husband has been a sailor most of his life, but I am definitely new to the scene. We’ve been to the Annapolis Boat Show twice, and have been on cats that size on excursions, but never full time for, say, a week. We have fallen in love with a 45′ cat that we hope to live on after retirement. We would LOVE to spend time with you in person on your beautiful vessel, and all of your rules are no problem for us to abide by! (We would set the same for ourselves!) Steven is very knowledgeable and I am a quick learner. If you think we may be a good fit for you, we would love to crew and learn and visit with you both. When are you thinking of having people start coming aboard and roughly how much are we talking for the pleasure? Thank you for your wonderful videos and your great offer. We hope to hear from you soon!

  • My wife and I enjoy your videos and adventure! We'd love to take advantage of the opportunity to join you on a short voyag

    My wife and I enjoy your videos and adventure! We’d love to take advantage of the opportunity to join you on a short voyage.

  • Rob Collins

    that is great, hope to see your guests on video, of course I wont be invited, but that would be a problem anyway as with my back problems, I wouldn’t make much of a crew, lol, in a year you may qualify for the six pack coast guard license, as a true charter crew, you could make some good money, as well, as you could control when you take guests on board,

  • John Dieker

    Nikki, I sure enjoy reading and watching your travels and experiences that you share with us. I personally will not be able to enjoy sailing, as I am the “heave ho” kind of person. I’ve tried to overcome it many times, but to no avail. So, I live my sailing vicariously thru you both. My wife and I are retired and now Traveling around in our Class B RV and that is how we initally found your videos. Thanks for all you do, for sharing your lives with us, and honestly for giving us some entertainment. I look forward to your videos, and postings. Blessings on you both!

  • Kara Kennedy

    Boundaries are essential!!! I randomly found your videos here recently and fell quickly in love. I’ve been trying to convince my husband for years that we have the freedom to make our lives what we want – I even briefly brought up buying a sailboat…which he thought was crazy since neither of us know how to sail. This brought us to your videos and your love and excitement for life and adventure. Currently, I’m living vicariously through you while I plot on our own future life adventures. Keep on posting your videos. I absolutely love them.

  • Mike

    I think it’s fantastic that you both want to share your enthusiasm and love of the ocean with others. Hopefully you get the kind of people onboard that will appreciate it as much as you. My wife and I attended (ok, I sort of dragged her…?) the Strictly Sail Miami boat show a couple of weeks ago to look at all the new boats. The catamarans being our favourite.
    Nikki, I have a fantastic pdf from a past sailing trip we took on bringing guests onto your boat and what they should bring and what they should expect. With a little editing (you two being experts at that) you could shape it into something that might work for you. if you are interested please let me know and I will email it to you.

  • FANTASTIC! I’m stealing this for my boat…..Set rules and then there is no problem enforcing them. THANKS!

  • Jill

    Hats off to you. I agree there should be some type of vetting of your “want to be guests”, maybe a short video, think that is how another S/V chooses. I don’t know how long you are planning to have these folk aboard but maybe a few days in have a meeting for people to voice the good and the “bad”. . . to keep things floating well.

  • Jim S.

    Sign me up…Have followed you two I believe from day one in your RVing adventure. Being very reluctant to follow you into the sailing adventures, I’m so happy I did. I have learned so much into what makes a sailing vessel operate. At which I see why people get in over their heads….your taking your life into your hands. And RV breaks down and you pull over to the curb. Cat or mono breaks down, not sure where your going to be pulling over?

  • Joe the Computer Guy

    Sign me up I am ready. We never did meet up last year (or was it the year before???) but let’s make it the Bahamas or the Caribbean. I bought my Bounder because of you guys and have followed you for a couple years now ever since what was in Windy ( I owned a Monaco at one point too). My solar looks mightily similar to yours and also equipped with lithium (mine is in the inverter compartment though, not under the steps). I’ve owned a few boats over the years albeit all power. Used to go fishing for tuna off the coast of my former home in NJ (In FL now and retiring in a few short months). Spent a number of overnights out there under good and scary conditions. Only been sea sick once and that was on a party boat (group fishing) and it sucked. Don’t wish that on anyone.
    Hope we can make it happen.

  • Bob

    I find it very interesting, and I suppose commendable, that you two will be inviting strangers (I’m sure there will be some sort of vetting process) on board your boat without feeling the need to charge them money. Back in my yacht captain days, I would often enlist the help of outside crew for long passage making, but beyond that the guests were almost always friends of the owners (I never owned my own boat), or the paying type, ie – charterers. When you first mentioned that you would be opening up Curiosity for crewing opportunities, I figured that you’d at least be charging (and fairly so) a modest daily rate. Anyway, my hat’s off to you, and I hope you have a lot of fun with this and don’t wind up with any real clunkers on board!

  • Ken Hollis

    I have been following you guys for a few years now . So awesome you are doing this. I wish I was a patron. I have not been in the position to be so. Had a liver transplant in 2009 and living off whatever I can get. I also live off the grid at a gold mining camp in Mohave desert, I love it. I have learned allot from you guys and getting ready to put solar on the 5 th wheel. To hot in summer to live out there so Jane(wife)and I just bought a c class. We are going to do Alaska like you did. I just watched the flat tire episode for the 4 th time lol. Jason and I are on the same level. I also bought one of those air pumps. Any way how cool of you to do this for o e of the gang. You guys a special and put out FUN videos. I think you are doing great with your sailing. Take care and just have fun.

  • Ellen Darby

    You guys are just SO COOL. I wish more people would be this clear about things in life. I’m not a water person (though I love reading your blogs–had an Escape trailer and started following you back when you were RV’ing), but if I were, and if I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to hang with you guys on Curiosity, would so much appreciate knowing the rules and what is expected. As always, wishing you the very best!

  • Andrew

    Nicely set up boundaries… and very diplomatically presented. Good job.

    Out of curiosity (no pun intended) what is the uniform that’s distributed? Pareo and John Deere cap?

  • Robert Riggs

    Wow,as someone that is selling out to move onto a catamaran I would LOVE to come visit! But I couldn’t anyway,I have a dog…she will come onboard with me soon enough, but as a beginner I could learn alot… I mean that…there is so much to learn, you had an advantage I think in living on a motorhome, getting used to smaller house,or mobile everything! I will get there..

  • Ian Foster

    Funny, we were going to ask to pay you to take us sailing!

    We have been RVing fulltime and travelling and we are going to be buying a cat and sailing. We need ti make sure everyone has their sea legs first.

  • George Hofmann

    You guys are always so thorough and forward thinking. Your guests are going to be as thirsty for adventure as you two. That’s why we love staying in touch. Fair winds and following seas.

  • Ian Foster

    Interesting. My family and I, having been fulltime RVing, are going to be doing what you have done…sail! We have been following you for a while.

    We were actually going to ask if we could pay you to take us sailing for a day to make sure our family has its sea legs.

  • William Weaver

    What about pets? Yours and theirs.

  • Andy H

    Thanks for the info. I did not see any information on how one gets to you. Is there specific airports depending where you are located. Also how does the monetary side work. Is there a fee involved – pay for food etc.

  • Peter Graves

    You guys are incredible! Love your posts and vids.
    We are beginning our voyage South from Wiarton Ontario this summer and hope to cross paths next winter! Keep up the great things you do and stay safe!!

  • After 30 plus years of sailing out of Newport Beach CA. I can probably remember less than ten guests I’ve taken down to Mexico for leisure sailing or races to Hawaii that really respected the boat the way it sounds like you want.
    Casual sailors do not have respect for what we consider sacred ground. It dose not stay clean and shiny by itself.
    I hope you get Patrons who will be fun and have a little experience so you all can have a wonderful experience.
    In the mean time my wife and I enjoy watching your experiences from buying new boat and getting to where you guys are now.

  • Liz Brumer-Smith

    Love it – What a great idea and very fun/thorough. 🙂 Hope your guests enjoy this information as much as I did.


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