Alaska Bound – Crossing the Canadian Border in an RV

Alaska Bound – Crossing the Canadian Border in an RV

I don’t care which border you are crossing, what country you are from or where you are going, it’s always exciting and a little nerve-racking going through customs.

This wasn’t our first Canadian crossing in an RV.  It was…our third…no our fourth…I think…I should cut back on the drinking.  Anywho, we’ve never really had any trouble getting into Canada.  In fact the only times we’ve had anything taken from us is when we were crossing back into the USA by the agriculture peeps.  We had certain vegetables, herbs (planted) and cat food (because we didn’t have the original bag) that were taken before we could cross.  Other than that, it’s always been a fuss free event.

But that almost makes us more nervous!  Because how can we get so lucky every time?  We’ve heard others say they have been searched inside out and had every drawer, cabinet and crevasse rifled through.  So needless to say, we were preparing ourselves for the worst…so here’s how our crossing from Sweet Grass, Montana, USA to Coutts, Alberta, Canada went down.

Luckily, we weaseled right on through, no problem!  Thank you Canada!

crossing the border

Ok, we still have several crossings ahead of us so we shouldn’t get so excited, things could still get interesting.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of crossing the Canadian or USA border, here are the sites you’ll want to check before you cross over.  You’ll find (some) information on pets, firearms, agriculture, and the most important…booze.  As always, when in doubt, call and ask.

We’ve always found that if you have all your basic and important information on hand, a friendly smile (most important), nothing to hide and nothing illegal on board, you’ll be just fine.

Have you done any border crossings in your RV?  Have any awesome (or not so awesome) stories?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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