We Finally Escape Isolation!!!

We Finally Escape Isolation!!!

We arrived in Fiji almost three months ago and never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be stuck, much less in isolation for this long.

With Covid-19 there has been no hiking, diving or exploration of any sort.  Just ever-growing restrictions, and an unhealthy addiction to the news.  Each day I tidy my suitcase as if there might be some sort of break or last-minute opportunity to go home…or anywhere.

Like so many people around the world, I’ve felt my spirit sinking and mood turning somber with the passing of each week.

But, today brought change and a much-needed refill of optimism as we finally escape isolation.  Fiji is officially Coronavirus free.  Restrictions are easing, the airport has reopened and we’re on the move!  In a seaplane no less!

A huge thanks once again to our friend Ted and his family for the big break out, the friendship during these unsettling times, and the epic seaplane adventure!

jason and nikki wynn with friends on asea plane adventures in fiji

Funny how easily we can take the comfort of home and freedom for granted. We’re keenly aware that our country of birth and chosen nomadic lifestyle affords us a form of freedom few experience.

We cling to our free-range lifestyle like life support, never once considering it could be taken away so quickly.
We consider ourselves citizens of the world, but that doesn’t count in these unprecedented times.  We’re citizens of the USA but that isn’t where our home is.  Our residence and everything we own is sitting in a boatyard in the neighboring country of Tonga, but we have no right to get to it.  A tough pill to swallow at the moment and a scenario we never once considered.

We’re stuck waiting for borders to open with no sense of when that will be.  But, at least with the easing of local restrictions, we can pull ourselves out of our funk and into the world of Fiji!

And that is worth getting excited about.  Look out Fiji, ready or not, here we come!

nikki wynn at anchor on a seaplane in fiji islands


Fiji had a total of 18 coronavirus cases and ZERO deaths.  There haven’t been any new cases of COVID-19 since April 21st.  Fiji is officially COVID free!  However, borders are still closed until further notice.

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