Dive into Twenty Thirteen, Freezing

Dive into Twenty Thirteen, Freezing

It’s the first day of the New Year and while there are lots of ways to ring it in and start it off, why not try something different…cold…and of course a little adventurous.

I’m sure you’re wondering just how cold it really was.  Well outside was 37 degrees, the water was 47 degrees and while it was FREAKIN FREAZIN, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be.  After a few minutes in the water, everything exposed (our face and hands) just went numb and you’re happy….for a little while.

staying warmthe wynns and Doug

Frozen Fin Dives on New Year’s Day have been an ongoing tradition of divers all over the United States (and who knows where else). This year, it was our first Frozen Fin Dive but the 10th for the Lake Havasu Divers Association.  For some it’s been over 50 years of freezing cold masochistic tradition and one that we may have to add to our list of resolutions.

lake havasu divers

A big thanks to Scuba Training and Technology Inc. who provided the air and rental tanks for everyone and gave super awesome raffle prizes!

Scuba Training and Technology

Oh…I won a pair of fins!  They’re almost half my body length, so I should be able to out swim the sharks!

Jason and Nikki Wynn

Did you start or partake in any New Years traditions today?  If so, tell us about it below!