Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Boat?

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Boat?

The world has never been more uncertain.  2020 has been a washing machine of emotions and a mental earthquake that’s cracked our sense of safety, security, and freedom wide open.

It’s all caused a bit of a stir.  Some people are experiencing an awakening and an invigorated motivation to make their dream life happen.  Others were well underway towards their goal and are now questioning if they should proceed forward.

At this point, if you’re not already living your dream lifestyle, you’re probably asking yourself “why not?”.  And if you aren’t, you should be.

Yes, travel and International travel are heavily restricted.  But the one thing we know is true, and has been scientifically proven, is that the best physical and mental place to spend time is outside in nature.  That could be a cabin in the woods, a tent, van, RV, or a sailboat.

But, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t dreaming about buying a boat or at least embarking on some sort of adventure.  We want to help encourage those dreams, which is why we decided to start this interview series.

Soooo many of you are ready to dive into boat life headfirst but you’re coming up against a lot of hurdles.

Now, we’re not experts!  We are more a Jack and Jill of all trades, masters of none.  But over the years, we have searched out and leaned on many experts for help.  Now we’re reaching back out to those people to try and answer your burning questions.

This is the first of a new interview series we started for our Patreon community.  But this interview with our mentor, and old friend, Kent felt like one we should share with all of you.  We hope it helps you on your journey.

Wanna go back in time?  Back to where the sailing adventures began?  Check out our boat shopping playlist…you’ll see a lot more of Kent in there too.



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