Hang Gliding – flying isn’t just for the birds

At some point almost everyone has had a dream about flying like a bird.  I have an endless obsession with having my head up in the clouds.  I daydream often about catching the invisible lifts of air and seeing the world from above.  After all, flying isn’t just for the birds anymore.

I can’t imagine a better place for my first flight! Fort Funston National Park just south of San Francisco and North of Pacifica, offers some breathtaking views…even if they are WAY down there! Hang Gliding is the closest thing to flying like a bird and while we’re in Pacifica I thought, no better time than the present.

The experience is surreal and beautiful!  There wasn’t one moment that I didn’t feel safe and I didn’t expect that.  I thought there might be a split second where I wished there were a motor to keep us going but, the wind is an amazing accelerator!  As we were gliding along it felt like we could have stayed up for ever and I assume, as long as there is wind, we could.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to hang glide, wonder no more.  Just press the play button and take your first virtual flight!  Maybe it will be just the motivation you need to put your head up in the clouds and fly like a bird.

Have you been Hang gliding?  If not what’s holding you back?  Tell us in the comment box below.

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  • Jay & Leslie

    Thanks for sharing….bucket list item for sure!!

  • Sheila Hagadone

    OMG!!! That must of been AMAZING!!!! I wanna go! Do you think they would let a “62” yr old do it? (I feel like your age tho, just have to keep telling my body that!)

  • mary van

    he is still waiting on jumping out of a plane in a parachute! should he just skip that one?

    • We’ve done both and they are equally as awesome, although jumping out of a plane solo takes 8 hours of class first.

  • jacob

    I am so jealous! I’m surprised that the landing was so smooth!

    • I know! I expected it to be a lot more running to come to a stop, but nope, it was just a couple of steps. Steve (the pilot) made it seem so easy! You should try it sometime sooner rather than later!


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